Thursday, January 18

There Once Was A Cute Little Boy Who Caught A Bad Cold & Wouldn't Take His Bottle Much At All & Worried The Heck Out Of His Mommy & Daddy & Babysitter

We're all a tad tired tonight here at Casa De Vrbi, so forgive us for the lack of posts this week. Jack caught a nasty little cold last weekend and we're trying to get him healthy again. He refuses to take his bottle, has an icky cough and his nose is pluggered and snot-tastic.
He's been up several times every night because he won't eat during the waking hours, so he gets hungry (as you can imagine). He'll be sleeping just fine, start coughing and wake himself up. It's been a tough week for him. His mommy, daddy and daycare provider are a little worried about the lack of eating by this little man-dude-person. He's still in pretty good spirits considering...
And Daddy and Mommy are slightly exhausted.
Daddy went to Lincoln Monday night and stayed with Aunt Emily and Uncle Mike. He had to report for Federal District Jury Duty bright and early the next morning at the federal building in downtown Lincoln. He wasn't chosen for the five-day trial that would have followed jury selection, but it was still a waste of a day. He is working this Friday to cover the sales hours he missed that day. He did have a great time at Mike and Emily's though, chatting with Emberly. We'll probably do it again next week. The jury service period is over at the first of February which CANNOT come soon enough, folks.
He's started his new job and LOVES it, but is overwhelmed a bit by the amount of info an RV salesdude professional needs to learn--and he's determined to do a great job so he's working on it. He's really looking forward to the sales process. He's getting the info down but there's a lot to learn, and jury duty days off don't help matters. At all. Especially when there's not an overabundance of sleep in our house too. He really likes the folks he works with though, so that makes a difference. They're pretty dang fun! It's been a great change. It really has. And with plenty of Diet Mountain Dew, who needs sleep to function, right?
Shameless Plug Time: (By the way, if you know someone in the market for an RV, send them my way! I'll make it worth it for ya! How does a $25 gift card sound? Huh? Sound enticing? Great. It's a deal then! Send someone my way and I'll reward you accordingly--when they buy. Where else are you going to find a deal like that?)
Amy is right in the middle of progress reports and some other paperwork she was laboring over tonight. She is definitely looking forward to the weekend since we are kinda bushwacked right now. We were going to start the Dave & Amy Challenge this week (we'll give you more info on that later) but we're not in the mood. Seriously not in the mood right now.
And housework? Cooking? Fuggetaboudit!
Sleepily and somewhat wearily but definitely going to carry on and be just fine,
The Sick, The Tired and The Law


Susan said...

Hope Jack is feeling better. The colors sure look good in your picture. What's the thing on his head?!