Monday, February 25

Some Random Pics From A Very Eventful Weekend

So, I did some very poor and spotty photojournaling of Amy's 30th birthday party weekend. I was having too much fun to be using the camera much I guess. Jack enjoyed the balloons I sent Amy at school on Friday.
Tori again watched Jack while we hung out with other adults at the sports bar.
We had a bunch of people at the house for the weekend too. Yeah, again my photographing of the weekend is quite lame-o. Gawd forbid I try to get their faces or anything. With photography skills this bad, I might almost qualify for Gazette employment.
I do love this pic though. For about an hour Sunday morning, Gramps endured Jack's repeated climbs up and down himself. They had a pretty good time.
Amy's kids and co-workers decorated her room on her birthday and two of her friends even sang "Happy Birthies" to her that morning bright and early.
What a sight to see ear-lie in the morning.

And that's all I gots for y'alls.

Wednesday, February 20

An Oldie But A Cutie

I'm just getting around to posting this vid from a couple weeks ago, but it's a good one! The angle is a bit weird because I had to set the camera on the table so he didn't know it was on. Yeah, he's on to me now...

For Grandma Elaine's Eyes Only


Thank you for taking time out to come watch me for a couple days. I had fun playing and watching Veggie Tales with you. Please come see me again soon.


Jack Parker V

PS - Since we were in such a hurry to go to your house and you forgot your flowers, my dad and mom and I thought we'd post a picture of them so you can still enjoy them. The lilies bloomed again this morning!

Tuesday, February 19


A very heartfelt congrats goes out to my good friend, Mia, today. Last week, after waiting patiently--and sometimes notsomuch--for several years for a child to adopt, she and her hubby Darrin got a call to head to Omaha on Wednesday. Since they've had some close calls in the past, she didn't get too excited. Well, lo and behold, she can be excited now because she came back to town with a baby boy, Isaiah.
Congratulations, Mia and Darrin! We are so excited for both of you. You'll be great parents and Isaiah is one blessed little boy!
UPDATE: I talked to Mia and little bit ago and she is very content and happy. We'll have photos soon of our trip over to see little Isaiah (as soon as we do some shopping for the little guy)!

The Vrbi

Monday, February 18

Crazy, Crazy Week

Our week started off with a long and fun visit from Great-Grandma Elaine. She came and had fun with Jack all day while we worked. Laurie was gone to a wedding so she was happy to come and see Jack. We had originally planned on my mom, but she got sick.
Then we headed back to Palisade for a party. We'll get to that in a minute. Here, Jack and Peyton enjoy the fruits of raiding Grandma's kitchen.
Then we went to Missy's for the party. Here I am with Jack and the newest member of the clan, Jacob.
Jacob doesn't really know what to think about my haircut.
Grandma, Aunt Sarah, Matthew, Missy, Luke and Peytunia.

Jack wasn't really very excited about his parents holding a baby.
Kitty was a bit stressed out with all of us in her house.
Here is Jack's mommy holding Jacob. Doesn't she look great?
This will likely be the only picture of Jack and Matthew from that day. Jack was really intimidated by Matthew.
Jack and Grandma Tami have a break in the action.

Grandpa Jerry and Jacob.
Jared and Nathan. He had just got up from his nap so he was a bit tuckered still.
Didn't stop him from KO'ing Gramps.
Uncle Joe and Matthew read "Fox in Socks".
Lil' Nathan.

Jack and Grandpa.
Mr. Jacob.
The crew: Jacob, Tori, Peyton, Grammy Tami, Matthew, Jack, Gramps, Nathan and Luke. The reason for the party was Grams and Gramps 35th Anniversary this coming weekend. Congrats, Grandma and Grandpa! Here's to 35+ more!
And now just the little ones. Luke Carson, Matthew Jared, Jacob Kent, Tori Rae, Jack Parker, Peyton Elisabeth and Nathan Lyn.
Matthew hung out just a little longer after pictures to kiss on Jacob.

Sleepy Jacob.
Jack playing.
Jack and Great Aunt Nancy.
Tori and I played tennis on the Wii. It can only be described as FUN-strating. In a few years, if I practice everyday, I might be able to beat her.
Nathan and Jack discuss binkies.
Gramps, Grams and two of their many grandsons.
Grams and Gramps. cute! Good pic, Missy!
We made sure we saw Granny Janny too! Here's Jack snuggling with her bear.
And goofin...
Kisses for Granners Janners.
And we saw Grandpa and Grandma Haag too! Jack was excited about pictures obvs.
In this pic are Bill, Steph, Alan, Grandpa Cy, Grandma Bev and Grandpa Tom. And of course, Mr. Showoff.
Jack and The Mom.

He was out before we even got him in the car. He was SPENT...

Monday, February 11

On Caucusing

Caucus checklist:

Jug O' Milk. Check.

Jacket. Check.

Binky. Check.

Sticker showing my parents' loyalty to a candidate I technically don't care about, but wear it anyway and love it because...heck, it's a STICKER! Check.

Sunday, February 10

Link To Newscast With Us

Above is a link to the video of us at the caucus yesterday. We were on the 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock news and even in one of the commercials for the news! When you go to the page, click on the video feed labeled "Hall County Caucus Brings Democrats Together" and you'll see us in about three frames. All the folks in the video are from our precinct. And there were A LOT of them!

Saturday, February 9

Jack on TV

Okay, so those of you in the NTV coverage area, make sure you watch the news tonight. Jack himself will be on there from our trip to the caucus. My friend, Stacia Kalinoski, took video of him pointing at his Obama sticker and goofing around with none other than Scott Kleeb.
More on the caucuses later--and I have a lot to share. Amy's putting me to work on floors again!
Just thought I'd let you know!

Thursday, February 7

Bathtime Gigglies

A Couple of Things To Mention

Well, I suppose I'd better start this post off by admitting that I'm wrong. No, I'm not saying that I've decided to caucus for anyone other than my fave candidate of all time ever (and I'm pretty sure we all know who THAT is) on Saturday.
No-sirree-bob-newhart, folks, this particular item of interest has to do with my fetus whispering abilities. I was 1 million percent sure our friends Jay and Nanci were having a girl. Lo and behold last Thursday the ultrasound machine proved my theory completely and utterly wrong. They are indeed having a boy, and while I couldn't be happier for them, that means I've missed two babies' genders out of ten so far. Not too shabby but I was pretty sure 'bout this one, so I'm undoubtedly going to start second-guessing myself now. Nah, my fetal intuition is still pretty keen.
We are having a great month here at Casa de Vrbi. So far in 2008, Amy and I have lost more than 35 pounds together. I'm amazed at how well Amy is doing on her weight loss crusade. She is so determined and doing so well. I, myself, am doing much better too but I need to start doing a bit more exercise. If you want to catch up on how she's doing (more than 19 pounds down), check out her blog at I'm not really sure why it's called DAVE and Amy Challenge, since I have yet to blog, but you gotta check out her commitment to this healthful way of life.
And since the first of the year, I can count on one hand how many times we've eaten out. Thanks to Granny Janny's awesome cookbook gift for Christmas, we've had the best low-cal and low-fat meals of all time. And you have to know that if we're eating at home and liking it, it's good food. We likey the food. What can I say?
Before 2008 started, we started with a brand new approach. We are constantly telling ourselves that this is OUR year. Obvs that's working for us so far. So far so good!
This month promises to be a busy one for us, as I have two volleyball tournaments this weekend as well as the all-important caucus on Saturday. (Not sure how that'll work but my team knows I have to leave in the afternoon for a while. I had to promise not to caucus for Hillary for one of my teamies in order to get off the hook, but that was a pretty easy promise to make.)
Next week is Valentine's Day and Jack's Grammy Tami will be here for a couple days spending time with him since Daycare Laurie will be gone for a wedding. That weekend we're heading back for a mini celebration for my parents' 35th Wedding Anniversary, then we'll follow the next weekend up with a party for Amy's 3oth birthday. And of course you're ALL welcome to come down and help us celebrate. It'll be quite a good time. No plans set in stone, but something WILL happen that weekend for her birthday. The following weekend is state basketball and Broncos-willing we'll be heading that way again (hopefully minus the blizzard we encountered on last year's trip).
Jack is growing up far too fast. He's recently started talking a lot more, but there's still a bit of concern because we have Talkie McSpeechteacher in the house. I'm not worried, since there's an enormous window on when they are supposed to be talking and he does have A LOT of words. That, and he's taken to signing very well. He currently does signs for: LOVE, BABY, MORE, ALL DONE, SHHH! (the cutest one ev), BATH, EAT, and a couple of others I can't for the life of me remember right now at 10:40 p.m.
I recently re-did our bedroom floor and we repainted in there. Our bedrooom looks insanely great right now after painting, getting curtains and rearranging for a more inviting ambience. Quite romantic now...okay, let's not go there...this is, after all, a family blog...
If we ever have a spare moment, we'll complete the front room, which will likely become Jack's room when Baby Two joins us (NOTHING to announce, folks, we're getting in shape first) and tile the kitchen. Our house will look nothing the same after all that. It looks better every week, actually. And I don't remember thinking it looked bad before. Okay, maybe a lil'...
We've officially been cable-free for a month now and it's honestly not even an issue. We did get a couple of antennas so we can catch local news and weather, but we find we have a lot more time for each other this way.
Well, I don't think I have much more to add right now, so I'm gonna turn in. I have about three vids to post in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. I ended up taking down the political poll cuz it had Romney on it and he's gone now. Goes to show how much I know about the Republican party and their frontrunners I guess. And instead of revamping it and doing it over, I thought I'd just scrap it. I'll repost one soon.
I did try to make it over to hear Chelsea Clinton across town tonight but by the time I got there after work it was too late. Everyone was leaving. Shucks. Would have actually liked to have met her or at least heard her speak. It's not everyday a former first daughter and possibly future first daughter (eek) comes to your little village, huh?
Hope your Lenten seasons are going well and all your resolutions are still intact! Take care!
The Vrbi