Wednesday, February 18

Blasts from the past

Front from left, John, Janet and Susan Koscielak.
Back row, George and Edna.
(Amy's Aunt Susan was nice enough to send these photos on to me. I'm definitely going to print and frame them as I love old photos. Send more any time, Susan!)
From left, Edna, Susan, Janet and John, in what appears to be Minnesota. This really makes me want to take a trip to the cabin this summer...
I assume this was taken in Minnesota at the cabin. Granny Janny and a very little fish.
Janet in foreground and Susan with the fish.
Janet had the mumps. I had never actually seen what mumps look like. Now I have.
Granny Janny in her younger days. (Before tax season took her from us anyway!)

Thanks for sharing Susan. 
This was WAY fun and made me kinda teary when I saw Grandpa George.

So darn busy!

Okay, I understand y'all want more regular updates, but we have been so busy lately we don't know whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts. A little update is in order I'm sure, so here's the long and short of it. During this time of year, Dave runs around to a million places snapping photos of games and many other events. We've also had a lot of extra stuff to do (Dave giving the sermon at church and filling in for Granny Janny's receptionist at H&R Block on Thursdays, Amy with WW and many other events going on, getting the storefront ready for the studio, games, games and more games. Needless to say, we have much more going on in this tiny little town than we ever did in GI! That, and we have a two-year-old we're potty training!) Anyway, Tori above is on the mend after her knee surgery on Monday. When they worked on her knee, they fixed her MCL, ACL, lateral meniscus and patella. Yikes. She came over last Friday to help Jack, Peyton and the Blackman boys make a snowdude with me.
Here's Jack and me. A moment amid all the chaos.
Jack was so very excited about the snow coming. I told him the night before it hit that in order for it to snow so we could build a snowman, all the little boys in town had to be quiet when they went to bed. I didn't hear a peep out of him, which is rare. The next morning, we headed out into the white blanket of snow to build our newest friend. He's, of course, gone now but everyday when Jack would go outside, he'd say 'hi' to the snowdude. That's my jacket on the snowman and Jack's hat. I'm wearing Jack's Mickey Mouse stocking hat (don't ask me how it fit) and Amy's Grandpa's coat her grandma gave me. I had to explain to Jack that the snowman had to leave before it melted, so while he was at daycare one day, I went out and took care of him.
The Jack.
Our snowdude.
I have a kajillion other photos to upload, but about the time I try to do it, I have probs with Blogger. Go fig.

Thursday, February 5

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

It's my cousin Vanessa's birthday today, so we wanted to make sure we told her to have a good one. Happy birthday, Vanessa! We hope next time you're back we're actually around to see you more!

Monday, February 2

Updates on the Knee and the Pee

Found out this morning that Tori has a torn ACL and her kneecap is pretty badly bruised. She and Heidi are going to the surgeon tomorrow to formulate a treatment plan. Needless to say, no more basketball for T.Rae. It came as kind of a surprise to me because when we went to Kearney on Friday, he really thought it was just a meniscal tear. Lucky for us, Heidi and TJ decided to do an MRI to make sure. This morning, Tina was telling me that a couple kids back in the day were told that it'd heal up in a couple weeks too, then they played on it and really messed it up. We're sad that we can't watch Tori play anymore this season. She was a joy to watch. I'm still holding out for hope that she can play volleyball with me this summer though. That'd be a good way to get her strength back...

Jack is really getting this whole potty training thang. He went poo three times this weekend in the potty—twice on his own! He is doing a great job and we are so proud. This morning, in fact, I could not get him off the potty to go to Laura's. He enjoys his time on the throne as much as Dad does. Wait 'till he starts reading. We'll never get him off there!

As for us, we're a little tired. I'm very Wau-Pal'ed out after last week. Games everywhere and on Saturday, I was up at the crack of dawn to cover the junior high tourney, then went to Arapahoe to cover the wrestling tourney, then on to Southern Valley for the girls game that night. All in all, about 14 hours of running hither and yon for photos. The truth of the matter though is that I thoroughly LOVE my job, so days like that are a tradeoff for the fact that I enjoy my gig so much!

Take care and have a good week, one and all!

If I can convince Sarah to send me some photos or update her blog with them, I'll have some cute photos of Jack to post. Hint hint, Aunt Sarah!