Tuesday, January 23

Just Pictures

How weird. A picture of Jack smiling. Bizarre!

The quiet book worked for, like, three seconds.

When I see something I want, I get it!

Learning about shapes.

What a cute boy.

Earlier in the night, Dexter was walking around beside Jack and he could not stop laughing. He thinks Dexy is the funniest thing he's ever seen! The other day, he reached over to Dex and yanked out a clump of his fur. Dex does not shed so you can imagine how hard he pulled. Dex didn't even budge an inch. He loves his Jack!


Aletha said...

I just love his smiles. He must be one of the happiest baby i have ever seen. Well i will be seening his grandma soon (taxes) and i know she going to be bragging about him. Cant wait!

Baby Greenwood said...

you are growing up so fast jack, and you're getting cuter all the time!! we sure hope to see you, in person, SOON! hug your parents for us and give them a pat on the back for doing so well on their challenge!!!
~~bec, craig, and dax