Wednesday, January 31

A Good Old-Fashioned Sink Washin'

I'm so "GLAD" to be clean.
Num num.
I love bathing!
Hi Grandma!
Dang I'm cute.
The great thing about doing this in the sink is that I have toys in the other basin.
My pretty mommy and me.
All clean.


Stephanie said...

Jack, you are such a happy baby! I hope you are staying warm!!!

Blackmans said...

I absolutely love the third picture down of you! You are so darn cute!!! Love ya!
Aunt Missy

The Wades said...

Jack Jack,
Tell your mommy and daddy to go to Walmart and get a bath chair like the one you asked about on my blog. They're the best. Thanks to that chair I get to throw lots of temper tantrums when bath time is over!

HAGANS said...

those pics. are priceless. he to darn cute...