Wednesday, January 31

Grandma's In Da Hiz-Ouse!

See, Grams, this is how you read a book...

I really, really want to chew on this book.

Grammy Tami's in town this week taking care of me. My daycare provider, Laurie, has sick kids at home. Yes, all three of her own kids ended up with Influenza A and they feel miserable. So, we sent them some balloons and told them we'd see them next week! And, in a pinch, Grammy Tami was here to take care of little ol' me. She is staying all week to spend time with her long-distance grand-angel. We've enjoyed having her here. She's been keeping pretty good care of all of us. There's nothing like Grandma's cookin', and she even did laundry today. Now that's service!
Thanks, Grammy Tami!


Blackmans said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun with your Grammy! We kind of miss her around here! Will you send her back soon!