Wednesday, October 31

Trick Or Treat!

We hit the town for Halloween, making our first stop at Tilynn's casa.
I hate this hat, Dad!
He feels the same way I do about hats. (They're evil...and make my head and hair hurt...and sweat...)
Tilynn had a special treat bag for her favorite Jack O' Lantern.
Trick or treat! I was trying to get him to say it all day, but no go...
Sittin' with the other punkins.
Jadeyn (daycare Laurie's daughter) was a very pretty mermaid. We stopped by their house so they could oooh and aaah over Jack. They did.

Jack and his Laurie.
Buddy Brody gets Jack hyper.
Brody, Jack and Austin.
Jack O' Lanterns gotta hug ninja warriors!
And mermaids...

Then it was on to Joann's house. She had special treats for Jack too!
Bestest pumpkin ev.
Joann, Jack and Mom.
Nanci, you there?
Nanci had a special toy for Jack for Halloween. It blew bubbles. She tried to teach him how, but he kept trying to eat it!
Thanks, everyone!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30

Where's Your...?

Sunday, October 28

This Old House

Let's start at the beginning of the project. Here is our 'before' photo. The carpet looks okay in this picture, but in real life, it's gray and brown, shredded and worn from three years of brutality and abuse by Dave, Amy and Dex. Jack has helped out his fair share in the past 16 months too! It was time to either replace the carpet or try something else...

And you know us. We tried something else.

Here, the two blonds work on the laminate flooring.

Jack was a great helper! (Mommy too.) And yes, I have dress socks on with my wind pants. On laundry day, anything goes! And on construction weekend...hold on tight 'cause this house is bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
We lived like scum for a few days. On the back of the couch, you might notice folded laundry. Classy. You can also see that the floor underneath the carpet was hardwood. I considered refinishing it, but after closer inspection, we realized it was a lost cause and the days of toil and strife spent revitalizing it would only serve to make it less nasty.
Not sure what the point is, but here's a picture of our mess. The CD player on the fireplace was improvised and I listened to the musical stylings of Matchbox Twenty for hours. It was lovely. Quite lovely.
After two days straight of flooring, it was necessary for Jack and Dex to perform CPR on Dad. I had been working steadily on the floor at this point for 23 hours and my hands, knees, back, eyes, feet, toes, fingers, rump, neck and spleen were killing me. I put in another 8 hours today and finished the laminate. But wait, there's more...
Jack agrees that optical safety is a major priority. We played a lot of games with the safety spectacles. He would insist I put them on, then I'd say 'take me to your leader' and he'd laugh. (I think it was because I looked H-O-T! And with three days of facial growth and sawdust in my hair, I think that's a given.)
Another big mess, and at the bottom right, is that tile? Yes, it is. We tiled the entry. And it's spectacular! Even spectacularer in person really!
Jack begs for food scraps while I re-think my life for a second. I had to stand up for a few minutes for fear that I might never stand again if I didn't. Ya know...
Getting there. About 3/4 done with the living room lammy and half done with the tile. Still have the hallway to do and grouting of the tile. Then I'm going straight to the insane asylum (I'll meet Stacey Hedger there; see previous post)! Oh, and can I just mention that I had nary a single mental meltdown of any sort this whole weekend? That's something to write home about. In fact, I enjoyed myself and would have had even more fun if my body weren't so stinking sore.

And just in case you're wondering. That IS our television set in the middle of the kitchen table. Wicked classy. That thing weighs probably about 3 tons so it's good that our kitchen table is tough. My back though? Not so much...

I like this picture because the purple ring is flying through the air. It's the little victories, folks, the little victories. I count little victories twice.
This is a picture of what the porceilan tile looks like at the door. I learned how to lay tile this weekend...whodathunkit? We did the tile work while Jack slept because the banging of the laminate was a bit much for Sleepy McDreamerson.

Nearing the end. Jack is thinking about how quickly Dad will be able to say 'NO' if he reaches down to pick up any of the assorted dangers on the floor. This might not have been his favoritest weekend ever. Actually, I take that back. He had a blast.
Look at that room now! We need rugs and the baseboards aren't in yet, but Gramps Jer and Grammy Tami are coming next weekend to lend me a much-needed hand there! What do you think? And that spot in the far corner? That's the tile all cut and laid. The grout will be done on Wednesday by yours truly.
Spiffy. We're so pleased and I am so proud of my handiwork. I remember just four years ago my grandma gave me a hammer as a gift for our couples wedding shower because she figured I didn't have one...she was right... How do ya like me now?!
(And I used that hammer this weekend. Thanks, Grandma Cutie Pants!)
Have you ever seen such beauty in all your life? Once the grout is done, the framework just pops right in! Thanks, Menards (for draining my finances)!

Friday, October 26

Best. Video. Ever.

UPDATE: Tori sent me a link to an interview with Stacey Hedger! Here is the link! Enjoy! She's a pretty good sport I think. Thanks, Tori! (She and Heidi got a kick out of this video. In fact, they called me right after viewing it!)

Okay, I know it is kind of unusual for me to post something like this, but I couldn't resist! I saw this video recently and it has haunted my dreams ever since. It is hilarious, ridiculous and actually took place in Omaha in the 80's. I guarantee once you see this video of the talent portion of an 80's beauty pageant in Nebraska, you'll never be the same. Especially considering the out-of-tune trumpet, the unitard with fringe, the hair, the dancing and the mixture of all those things together. Enjoy! But don't blame me if you're never the same again!

Oh, and there are bits when she's playing the trumpet that are boring if you're tone-deaf, but it's the bits of interpretive dance in between that give this woman my vote for Miss Thang!

Wednesday, October 24

Dad and Chicken...

This is our favorite topic of conversation!

Do you think he's sending a subliminal message that his dad is chicken? Hmmm...

Tuesday, October 23

Going UP The Slide

We went to Peyton's house on Saturday and Jack attacked her swingset. I think they were napping so had no idea we were even there. Jack swung (I think that's the right word) for a while, then went down the slide, then decided to go UP the slide a few times. This was the third and last time he went up the slide. Pretty impressive, no?

Monday, October 22

A Weekend In Palisade

We took a trip to Palisade so Amy could attend my cousin Vanessa's baby shower. It was a great weekend to be back because we got to see all my cousins at once for a change!
Jack had a great time raiding Grandma Elaine's fridge Friday night. Here, he snagged some steak marinade and Molly McButter seasoning.
Saturday, after attending Tori's volleyball game and Amy going to the shower, we realized at 3:45 that Jack was the only one who'd had any lunch. So, we snuck downtown and had pumpkin pie, breaded cauliflower and sweet corn nuggets at the cafe. Shhhh! It'll be our little secret.
Sitting quite innocently on Grandma Elaine's wonderful porch.
Matthew Jared and Grandma 'Laine.
Jack and Luke getting ready to play.
Again, Luke and Jack playing hard.
Jack loved these little bugs on the side of grandma's house in the dirt.
So did Matthew!
And together, they terrorized grandma's bugs.

Grandma and my cousins Sabrina and Larissa just swinging away.
Jack had so many hugs to dole out this weekend. So many hugs, so little time...
Papa Jerry and Grammy Tami love on their little grandson.
Vanessa (left) was swinging with her good friend Chandell and Chandell's son.
With tennis ball in hand most of the day, Jack had a great time playing with his cousins.

He loved playing with that squirt gun.
See, Tori, you just pull this lever here...
BTW, Tori played volleyball like a champ the other day. She was like a maniac! (I taught her everything I know...which isn't much...)
Bang, bang!
What a big boy he's become.
Laying on grandma's floor, playing with those rattle-y, shake-y things she had.
We took Jack's Shrek chair with us. He enjoyed watching a brief moment of TV with grandma.
I don't know what the point of this picture is, other than to show how blond he is! Playing at Granny Janny's.
Then he found the snow shovel...
Granny gave him some carpet scooping pointers.
Grandma Elaine, we never leave your house without some kind of toy from the toybox somehow. We'll bring the drumstick and fire truck (from last time) back with us next time.
Goofy guy.
If you like that, Jack, you should try the real thing. MMMmmmm....
We're almost home! YAY!