Sunday, January 7

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 2 of 6

40. We chose this photo because he was making the best face. It looked like he was really considering something extremely important. Probably whether to poop or not.

39. It's so fun to see these two together. Jack was in such a good mood in Des Moines and Grandpa K really took to him. And vice versa. It's very interesting to see the contrast between the two family members ages too.
38. Grandma Elaine and Jack were hanging out before Thanksgiving din-din. Jack was really hamming it up and this was one of two really cute pictures I took of the two of them in Gramma 'Laine's rocking chair.
37. This was right after Jack was born. Minutes after actually. This picture is funny for several reasons: 1) he looks very unhappy; 2) he looks nothing like Jack Parker; and 3) he has a little blister on his right hand from sucking on it in the womb.
36. Aunt Susan caught this great shot of Jack sitting on Daddy's lap in the sun. The lighting in this picture is so cool.

35. Granny Janny took this picture of us at the Pumpkin Patch. It is probably the only picture taken of all three of us since Jack was born. I love the colors and textures in the picture. Now if we could have only got that boy to look up!
34. The smile on Jack's face in this after-bath photo is just too sweet. It was one of his first baths and he was so smiley after it was over. While it was happening, not so much.
33. This one was taken in his crib while he was watching his brand new Care Bears mobile go 'round and 'round. He was having the time of his life (so far) and this was the best photo of the bunch of them I took. I love the look of wide-eyed wonder on his face. He still loves those Care Bears. This morning, in fact, we could hear him talking to them when he woke up. Yes, he is now in his room at night. When we got back from Grandma 'Laine's we put him in there and it's gone okay. That was a huge step for us, as you all know.
32. This is signature Jack. We sat him on the couch between two pillows. He did the rest.
31. We love this picture for two reasons: 1) Jack looks bored and disaffected. 2) Daddy looks skinny, too, which as you all know is not exactly the case. This was taken by Mommy at the Pumpkin Patch on an October afternoon. We had a great time.
Tomorrow, we'll recap numbers 30-21 for your viewing enjoyment! Don't agree with any of the choices? Let us know! And tell us your favorite of each set of ten.