Saturday, July 28

A Party For Our Friends

Hey guys! Check out my new cleanin' machine!
Excuse us, sir. You're interrupting some very important business here. Move along, Lookie-Lou.
Cam, on the left, and his parents are moving away so we had a very tame going away shindig for them. Owen, at right, and his parents came over too. We had pizza, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, fruit and soda. Cara brought cookies with blue frosting. We'll get to that in a minute!
RE: The Blue Cookies -- Cam is going to have a little brother, which means my first prediction is absolutely true. I predicted a boy for Aaron and Cara and girls for the other three families expecting right now. Which means...well, which means nothing...except that I'm a genius.
Jack, Jen, Lynn, O and Dex watch Camden rolling around on the floor.
Hey O. Do you think that since you and I are the only Heartbreakers who still live here in town, I could have my stinkin' ball back, please? Yeah, thanks.
Boys, boys and more boys. Now I kinda know what my sister's house is like on a daily basis. Yikes.
The boyz: Camden Moses, Jack Parker and Owen Jacob. No, Jack's shorts do not match his shirt. I had to change him because the first pair of pants he had on wouldn't stay up.
I forced the boys to sit for a picture. This was the best I got.

Good Luck, Wades! We'll Miss You!
Dave, Amy & Jack-Jack

Friday, July 27

Totally Not Knocked Up

Hey everyone,

It was brought to our attention that our little baby name surveys got everyone's hopes up that we are expecting again. We are not expecting at this time.

We just like to know what all our family and friends think about the names we like for the next Vrbi, whenever that happens. And it's totally our fault for the misunderstanding. I said in the original post that there's nothing to announce, but that was weeks ago and the posts kind of all run together so someone recently checking might not have read it.

So, to clarify: We're not expecting right now, but do plan to have more kids. Later.

And you will be the first to know when we have good news. Well, besides US of course.

Love ya,

The Vrbi

Thursday, July 26


I just reposted the last two videos. For some reason, it was saying "Oops! No Video!" and I'm not sure why. So, I reposted them for your viewing pleasure.

I also added the music box to the page, so if your speakers are off when you view our page, turn them up and enjoy some songs that Amy, Jack and I picked out. I'm not sure how I feel about the music because you have to stop the music box to listen to the videos, but there's nothing ever exciting happening (sound-wise, that is) in the videos anyway. If there is in one of them, I'll give you a heads-up to stop the music player at the bottom of the page.

Jack is walking all over now. We got back from Comstock and he was still kind of scared to take off on his own. Then Monday morning bright and early a light bulb must have come on and he was toddling all around the house. It's quite funny to watch the video of him walking because he really does laugh like that the whole time! He knows he's being such a big boy...he should anyway...he hears it from us every time!

We are getting over our sickness. I'm finally feeling about 80 percent, but Amy wrenched her back again last night picking Jack up off the floor. We all remember the hell she went through with her back during the pregnancy. Well, it looks like the problem has come back. She's alone with Jack today, which is tough because she can't really pick him up much and he's in to EVERYTHING! So, I'm on strict orders to go to Wal-Mart to pick up Aleve and Extra Strength Tylenol tonight after work.

Our friends Cara, Aaron and Camden will be leaving us soon. If you remember, we are the two families that are leading a parallel universe. Well, Aaron got an awesome job as editor of the Hemingford Ledger newspaper in the Sandhills. He's working there right now and Cara's getting their house ready for closing here soon. We are seriously depressed to see our good friends leave, but we know it's what's best for them, so we're also excited for them. A bittersweet move it is for all of us. They've been great friends to us and I know we'll be up to see them occasz and hopefully they'll come see us whenever they're close to GI.

Which is what we hope you all do whenever you're near. Stop by and see us. We love company!

We hope summer is going well for everyone. It won't be long until that school bell rings again, dang it! To all you teachers, we'll understand if you wear black for the next couple weeks (Susan)!

The Management

Reposting This Vid Too

Reposting This Vid

Vacuuming & Relaxing

I guess Mommy figures that since Daddy won't ever vacuum, she'll at least get someone to do it with her! She picked up this toy at Wal-Mart yesterday.
My kid has no pants on. It's summer. What can I say?
Is this thing on?
Jack was afraid of it at first, but once Daddy showed him how fun it is, he was vacuuming all night. I finally turned the sound off.
The eyes on that thing are a bit creepy, but whatev.
I took these pics of Jack watching Elmo the other day. His facial expressions were so funny.

Tuesday, July 24

Bubbles, Bubbles, Toils and Troubles

Someone (can't remember right off the tops of our heads and don't know where the list is) gave Jack a bubble blower gun for his birthday. He LOVES it during bath time!
Been spending most my life, livin' in a bubble paradise...
Holy Bubbles, Dad! That's a lot of bubbles!
It's not a tumor. It's BUBBLES!

Last Week's Garden Tour

"Hi, I'm Jack. Welcome to my garden. Here behind me are massive pumpkins that my dad decided to plant this year. He wanted to grow big, prize-winning pumpkins and that's just what he did. They sure grow better than the zucchini has the past three years!"
"Back behind me in my Shrek chair here are watermelon and canteloupe. They've really thrived this year. I love watermelon but I'm not so sold on canteloupe yet."
"Here I am in front of the cucumbers and tomatoes. I don't normally sit around in my chair in the garden, but Aunt Susan would have flipped her lid if there wasn't a person in the pictures. And if you're going to have a person in a picture, might as well be me."
"These tomato plants are taller than me!"
"Now, forgive all the weeds in the garden here. These photos were taken last week before Granny Janny had a chance to weed Daddy's garden. Here I am in part of my dad's perennial garden. It's even more beautiful now that Granny pulled the weeds!"
"I like to play with plants. Thankfully, we have a lot of them."
"Here is the south half of the huge perennial garden. There are four quadrants to the garden, each 20' x 6' for a grand total of 480 square feet of plants!"
"This is the perennial garden my Granny Janny helped Daddy plant where they dug up the yard for the new well. After they planted it last year, they hoped in two years it would be thriving. Well, it happened a year early. It's gorge!"

"When my Granny Janny was here watching me while my parents gallavanted all over the countryside, she took me to the park by our house to see their huge perennial garden. If you think 480 square feet is big, you should see this thing!"
"This day lily is called Jack's Happy Smile. Okay, I lie. It isn't. I have no idea what it's called, but I'll bet Granny does. Now, where are my pants?"
"Here I am at the day lily farm 25 miles from my town in the country. Just rows and rows and rows of day lilies. Granny loves day lilies. Daddy jokes that he's going to name his first daughter 'Lily' so that Granny can say 'have a nice day, lily!' "It's quite warm out here in this garden."
"This particular hybrid of day lily was brought to America from Zimbabwe! Again, I kid you! Daddy said he was going to take some photos of the garden again this week when he's feeling better so that you can see it when it looks spiffy! And that concludes our grand garden tour. Join me in a couple days for more photos, possibly of PRODUCE! How scintillating!"

A Parental Retreat To Comstock

Ahhhh, Comstock...
Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I updated this thing, but we were gone for several days last week to Comstock. When we got back, Amy and I got really sick, so I really wasn't in the mood to update. Still feeling crappy, but can at least stand to be out of bed now! The worst part is, we let Granny Janny go on Sunday night and she called to tell us Monday that she has the same thing! Yuck! Jack, however, is just as chipper and healthy as ever!
So, I decided that this weekend was going to be one of thrill-seeking since I've felt a little old lately. After working at our campground all day, I was ready to cut loose for some very supervised, strapped-in and safe adrenaline pumping! I made everyone climb the rock wall with me. There is Amy's dad, Tom, behind me getting fitted while I make sure I don't bust a hammy!
Emily went first and really moved quickly. (She'd done this before.)
Go, Emily!
Emily makes her way to the top.
I'm getting ready to climb and Em is rawkin' it out.
And here we goooo....
This is as far as I made it. Ha ha. Just kiddin'
And Emily's done so I can actually have some attention. :-)

Working at it...
Emily had performed her dismount before I even got started!
About halfway...
Almost there, little guy...
I had just pushed the button at the top here and was having a hard time 'letting go.' Go fig.

So, getting up was a challenge, but letting go was worse. I got to the top, pressed the button and just froze. I tried to let go, but the harness seemed loose, so I had to ask for reassurance a few times. After they convinced me to forget everything I'd ever been taught about gravity, I let go. Just had to be sure! Biggest adrenaline rush EV!
Mike made it to the top in about 3 seconds tops.
In keeping with my adrenaline-packed weekend theme, I decided to go on a helicopter ride. Mike was the lucky one who got to go with me. Though he was pretty excited.
Mike was born ready to rock! He was whoopin' and hollerin' the whole time! I was a bit more reserved. I think I was afraid that I'd throw up if I opened my mouth.
Looking down! Gulp! No sides on this heli. (Don't thrash my chopper by ralphin' in it, broseph!)

The view from the west side.
Emily making a totes awesome sandwich in the RV.
Then, Emily talked Amy into taking a ride on the chopper! I couldn't believe she said yes!
Amy and Auntie Em get off the helicopter. They were hi-fiving and everything!

The Haag sisters and their dudes! (I look just like Mike with my shirt off! HA!)