Monday, January 1

Snowed In...Away

Aunt Sarah, that tickles!
Peyton, Tori and Jack have a discussion about lollipops...or somethin'...
I looked at this picture forever until I finally realized why I love it so much (besides the fact that it is adorable). Both of these kids' smiles exactly match their respective daddies' smiles at the same age. It's uncanny! Peyton and Sarah help Gramma 'Laine wash dishes after another delicious meal.
Just chillin' at Grannie's house.
I'm the only one in the house right now that can get away with sitting on the table. Boo-ya!
Tori, how much you benchin'?
Peyton, Grammy Tami and Jack-Jack.
Peyton, Tori and Jack
Aunt Sarah helps me onto my feet.

Jack started eating Stage 2 Foods this week. These are just green beans he's enjoying, but he also enjoyed chicken and apples and other assorted yumminess.
Funny story: We got home tonight and Jack ate some Cherry Vanilla Pudding a la Gerber 2nd Foods, and loved it more than anything he's ever eaten. After he got done, he was demanding more, so we decided to try some Gerber Turkey with Gravy. Opening the jar, the stench resembled that of Fancy Feast, but we gave it a try. Three bites into it, Jack gagged his spoonful down, coughed forcefully and puked up everything he had just eaten. We stopped feeding at that point.
How is it possible that this child get any cuter? It keeps hap'nin' though!
And those blue eyes...
Me and my funny sox on the dining room table!

We had an fun and interesting post-Christmas experience. After we got back from Des Moines and got the water problem fixed (it was a wire on the pump), we loaded up in the car and headed to Palisade to see the other side of the family. The day after we arrived, a major blizzard came through and we were stranded at Great Grandma Elaine's house. Fortunately, we couldn't think of a better bunch of folks to be stranded with! Joe, Sarah and Peyton were right across the street, so we spent a lot of time with them, and we played plenty of board games, card games and, of course, dominoes! Great Grandma made a lot of delicious food and she always treats us like royalty, so we just enjoyed our extended stay! Grandma Tami and Grandpa Jerry were over frequently, as well as Heidi and Tori, but we didn't get to see enough of the other boy cousins. They were under the weather so they stayed at home to get better...
The roads were too messy on Sunday when we tried to get back, so we got as far as McCook and dropped by to spend the night with Granny Janny on New Year's Eve! None of us three made it up until midnight, but Granny Janny and Rick made it. We took off early today and the roads were somewhat cruddy until we got to Elwood. The rest of the journey was smooth though! Yay!
As always, it's great to be back home, but we had a great time! Daddy's back just in time to start his new gig tomorrow, and fortunately he doesn't have to drive to Lincoln for federal jury duty this week. We'll see about next week though...
Stay tuned for information about the Dave & Amy Challenge!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! from the Vrbi


Baby Greenwood said...

Happy New Year guys! Hopefully we'll see you this year! :) Mommy and I are enjoying the nice warm weather down here in Louisiana while you guys deal with the snow! Guess I missed out on my first snow! Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty more! ~Dax


Cute pics!!!!!
Alright Dave, you are in BIG trouble for not telling me you were leaving TW!!!!