Sunday, January 14

Register Now!

Hey y'all!

I found out a little bit more about how the site will change in the future. In order to view the site, you will have to be invited to see it. That means I need a collection of your e-mail addresses. If you send me your e-mail now, I'll send you an invite to register on the site. What you'll have to do is register with Google, which is very easy. Then, after you come to the site, it will say the site is only available to those invited to view it. Log in and you can see us!

Again, this change will happen on January 25, unless we can get it done sooner thanks to folks like you. E-mail me now so I can start updating the blog with addresses to send invites on to. As soon as we get them all, I'll change the site to login only.

Here is the list of folks who will definitely receive invitations on the 25th because we have their e-mail addresses:

Granny Janny
Grammy Tami
Aunt Susan
Grandma Elaine
Aunt Emily
Uncle Dan
Uncle Jake
Aunt Heidi
Aunt Missy
Aunt Sarah
Julie & Jason
Craig, Bec and Dax
Aaron, Cara and Cam
Lynn, Jen and O
Tony, Melissa & the boys
Trade West folks
Candace Edwards
Stephanie King-Witt
Joann Stainbrook
Tina Muth
Rebecca Allen
Oletta Adams
Terri Trejo
Stacy Cutinella
Heidi Anderson
Anita Lewandowski
Gale & Peggy
Minnie Gail
Justin, Cricket, Sawyer & Kieira
Tina & Kerry
Lisa & Hank
Uncle John and Aunt Karlene
Genny Sides
Aunt Vera
Jan Riley
Zach & Corey (sp)
Jan Collins
Karess Mailander
Susan J
Larissa & Shane

Folks we'd definitely like to send invites to, but need e-mail address updates for:
Aunt Nancy
Aunt Dixie
The Ferguson Dudes
Connie & Gregg L
Sara W

If we've forgotten you, it's because we don't know you've actually been here. I know Jack has many other fans who check daily or weekly, but we are drawing blanks! Leave us a comment with your e-mail address or send an e-mail to or

Thanks! We're going to feel better once the site is secure. If we get your e-mail addresses before the 25th, we'll make the site secure that much sooner!

The Management
D, A & JP


Aletha said...

Hey David my addy is
Well i wish guys a great week and Jack is so handsome.

genny said...

My address is

Blackmans said...

Hey Dave!
I love the new layout of your blog!