Tuesday, April 29

Catchin' Up Whitcha

Ninjaz have wicked balancing skillz.
Okay, so I know that I've been neglecting this site a bit, but after what can only be deemed "The Month From Hell," I'm finally able to update you guys between showering and getting ready for work. Yeah, I'm still busy, but you matter to me...so...here you are! This is the entry to our remodeled kit. Looks beaut, I know!

The only things I have left are a little painting, sealing the floor and trimwork. Piece of cake. (Oh, and the pizza on the stove is totes not a prop. We really ate it that day for lunch.)
Da breakfast bar and breakfast nook. A lot of breakfast for a guy who doesn't even take time out for breaksies, huh? (My dad doesn't either. We also both despise rice. We have differing viewpoints on both strawberries and cooked liver though...)
This is pretty much the same picture. Deal with it.
Okay, so I'm repeating myself. Just pretty proud of my handiwork. Whodathunkit?

This is Jack at Owen's birthday party, playing with two kids I have no idea who they are. I wasn't there. I was at home in the kitchen with my dad. We were baking cakes. Ya know...normal dad-son stuff.
This is a picture of Jack running away from home because his dad ignores him every weekend because of the kitchen. Ahem...you're going the wrong way! Sorry, Jack. Now that it's over, Daddy can actually pay attention to you. How old are you now? 13? Wow.
When we were clearing the garden of the old stuff, I was pulling up the leftover crysanthemums, on my hands and knees and this mama duck scared the poo-sticks out of me. I thought it was a badger or something. We gave her water and bread so she could survive the nesting ritual. I think we're gonna have baby ducklings soon! That'll be fun. And fun is good.
Don't stand so...don't stand so...don't stand so close to me... The duck was a little concerned about the Jackles getting so close to her eggs. Jack loves feeding ducks though.
Big gulps, huh? Welp, see ya later!

Ninja Jack displaying his skillz.
After a long day of tiling, nothing feels better than falling asleep in a snuggle. Gawsh, I look old. Why do I still get carded? I don't get it. I look eleventy-seven or so right now.
This is also at O's party. Jack had a blast with that balloon. From what I hear...I wasn't there...I was at home...in the kitchen...bustin' my hump.
That's my awesomest, funniest friend ever, Aaron, swinging my kid. Good to know he could step up for me...while I was in the kitchen...with my dad...working...
See ya soon, everyone!

Monday, April 14

The Reason I Haven't Blogged Much Lately

I think we can safely say that this particular project was the MOST frustrating, the cheapest as far as cost, and the most rewarding as far as total payoff. It literally changes the layout of our entire living space and makes you feel like you're actually a part of the house when you're in the kitchen...not like you're on another planet. Next up: carrying that tile into the kitchen, putting up the breakfast nook where the table is, then enjoying the heck out of our newly-remodeled space.
The pics just do not do it any justice. I still have to paint but couldn't wait to show it off. It took two days to complete, but when it was done, it was just amazing. You need to see it in person to get the full effect.
Check it out! I'm very proud of all of my accomplishments in this photo: the floor, the cutout and the Jack!

Saturday, April 12

Jack On TV...Again!

Jack will be on the evening news again tonight, this time with none other than MOMMY!

They were at a Walk For Autism here in town, and our favorite local reporter, Stacia Kalinoski (who hearts Jack with all her heart), caught Amy and Jack goofing.

Tune in at 10 to NTV and check them out in all their glory. I'll post a link to the website again so you can watch it online for those of you out of their coverage area.

Your famous, fantastic, and fabulous friends,

ThE vRbI

Cloggin' With The Oldy

This video is majorly adorkable. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 9

Pop Quiz

Question: There are five lovely ladies in the following three photos. Where are they and what are they doing?
A) Their annual cult meeting. It was time to sacrifice a chicken, hence the first lady's arms flailing in the air. The woman in the second photo is demonstrating how the head just POPS right off.
B) A campaign stop for Ralph Nader. Two of them are WAY into consumer advocacy.
C) An ABBA cover band concert. They're dancing queens! Hollah!
D) EstrogenFest 2008. The first two pictures are photographic evidence of hot flashes!
E) A Tri-City Storm Hockey Game. They're just having a girls' night out and enjoying themselves.
The answer, of course, is E. Amy and five of her pals from work attended a hockey game last Saturday. Obvs, a good time was had by all. In two photos, Rombach and Hickenbottom get down to the groovy tunes at the arena. The final photo is all of them together: Deb Rombach, Tammy Verba, Amy, TiLynn Scott and Sarah Hickenbottom.

Monday, April 7

I'll Get By With A Little Help From My 'Rents

My parents came to town so my dad could help me put together our breakfast bar, which included re-plumbing the dishwasher, moving many different things around, cutting down the counter that came in the wrong size (which was, remarkably, only half my fault; should have stood my ground a little more about the sink counter measurements at Menard's). We worked from sun up to sun down Saturday, then several hours on Sunday too. Nana and Papa took care of Jack on Friday since his daycare was closed that day, and he enjoyed his time with them. By Sunday, he had bypassed calling my dad 'pop pop' and just called him 'gampa'. Still working on getting him to say 'nana' though; his tongue has trouble with N's.
Here's one of the Barker's beauties...oh wait...that's my mom!
Thanks, Nana, for the awesome curtains!

And the Vrbi showing off the partially finished kitchen. I'll be doing the tile next weekend and the touch-up painting behind the fridge. Then we're knocking out part of that wall to our left...just part...don't freak out! Even with lots more work to do, we love our kitchen now! Yay!

Thanks, Grams and Gramps!

Tuesday, April 1

A Very Rare Bowling Post From The Vrbi

Bowling For Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Amy and her friends from Gates all took part in Bowling For Kids' Sake on Saturday, teaming up to benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Pictured above are Jill, Amy, TiLynn, Sarah and Sara. They had a really good time and raised moolah for a good cause!
Since we don't typically do the 'bowling thing'...like...EVER...we decided to get together with most of Amy's team/good friends, have some fun and practice on Friday night. Here is Owen. He was very happy about our little shindig.
Jack and O were a little wily, so Lane and I took them to the arcade. They played, muscled for rank on the firetruck and overall had a splendid time.
Okay, I took a picture of this as proof that it actually happened. Amy and I, the first game, bowled a 63 and a 66, respectively. The second game though, well...just look at those scores! And yes, the D stands for me and the A stands for Amy. How do things like that happen? After our first game, we set our goal at getting at least an 80. Mission accompsh! I suck at bowling! I decided after that game, I was never bowling again so I can go out with a bang. But I probably will bowl again...cuz it was waaaayyy fun!