Tuesday, September 30

Proud Moment

The Vrbi is proud to announce that Jack Parker is officially binky free! He had only been using his binky during nap time and bedtime and when school started we went down to just bedtime. Last week when Jack was going to bed and had his binky, Mommy asked him for it and he gladly handed it over. We thought it was a fluke but the next night he didn't even ask for it. Now it has been over a week and the binky days our behind us. It was kind of scary how easy it was. Yeah Jack! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, September 25

Best Week Ever? Palisade, Wauneta, McCook, Omaha

Okay, I know two things to be true: 1) I'm a bad, bad blogger. 2) I have way too many pics of Jack in various sunglasses. I'm aware of my shortcomings folks, and I'm working on remedying the situation. I'll appreciate your patience as I do so.
Onward... Anyone recognize that china hutch? Well, it's Grandma Elaine's and with photographic evidence showing Jack in front of it, well it's safe to say we were in Palisade last week. But that's not the full story. We'll get to that though. Here Jack is looking at a photo of him and his cousins taken last fall.
Jack, Nathan and Jacob take a bath at Missy's. Here's the scoop. I had last week off for a much-needed vacay. After talking to Heidi on the phone on Monday, I realized I had a perfect opportunity to go watch Tori play some volleyball--something I haven't been able to do very much at all since she got to high school; for shame--so Jack and I hit the road to catch Tuesday's Southwest matchup and Thursday's Chase County game too! We ended up staying longer than expected and having way more fun than expected too! Yay!
We decided the boys needed baths before heading to Wauneta for the game. Jack has never had to share his bath before, so this was an adjustment for him. As per the photo.
Playing with Grandma Elaine's trucks. Grandma taught me the game of cribbage the other day. I love it, but could find myself quite addicted to it I'm sure.
We, of course, stayed at Grammy Tami's and Papa Jerry's place. Here is Jack wearing Gramps' boots.
Um, you have some rather large shoes to fill there kid.
Grandma Elaine and Jack on her front porch swing. Love this pic.

And this one too. Possib frame-worthy?
Here's Tori hitting the ball against Southwest. She is awesome at the game of volleyball and has really become aggressive in the past year. YAY!
Me walking the boyz around the block.
Sun. So. Bright.
Ummm...let's pretend I didn't give him sugar, can we? k-thanks.

Tori on the attack.
Missy took these v-ball photos because I forgot my camera when we went to the game. oops.
Matthew is my buddy. True story. He likes me cuz I'm awesome and I like him cuz he acts as a double-chin hider. A win-win for all involved.
Grammy no likey binky, Nate.
I believe Sarah snapped this photo.

Jack sacked out on Missy's bed. He took a four-hour nap that day. He played pretty hard though.
Now, I don't usually use my legs as props, but I decided to make an exception in this case because the cuteness of Jake overpowers the pastiness of my legs. I hope.
He crawled right up in there. He's quite the mover and shaker.
Umm...Sarah took this one, so I don't know exactly what was going on, but I'm pretty sure there was some blood rushing to the noggin. Kids these days and their cheap thrills.
Jack and Peytunia made good use of her swing. I think at times though she might have felt as though she were babysitting. She was a good sport though.

I don't have actual proof that Jack drove this. I don't think he actually did. This was staged I'm sure. When they were going, he was on the back hanging on to Peytie.
They're not in the same spot though in this picture. What did I miss? Needless to say, Sarah took this series of photos, not me.
Playing house.
Jack taught Joe how to do puzzles.
I took this photo of a very somber Peyton telling Jack good-bye. I like this photo, but I'm not sure why. Might be the sunlight on her locks.

We were going to head home on Friday, but decided to stay with Granny Janny that night and meet Max (or Snoop Dogg; I don't know that the verdict is in on the name yet) and catch Jeff's game against Scottsbluff that night.
Hank, Rick, Jack. Jack just got a kiss from Hank, hence the face.
Pick up those apples, boy, or you get no supper. (Not true. He not only had supper, but also had People Chow that Granny Janny made.)
I didn't bring my external flash so these photos suck. Here's Jeff kicking off for McCook. They won something like 4,982 to 7.
The Friday Night Lights. And in McCook they literally roll up the sidewalks for the game.

The next day, we grabbed Mommy and headed to Omaha to have a rendezvous with her fam. Jake, on the left, leaves for Iraq again soon (damn you, Bush!). Dan, on the right, tans too much! Hee hee!
Rick and Mike playing ladder golf. Granny Janny snaps these photos, cause I was cooped up inside, in the dark, with a migraine that lasted about 18 hours. It was horrible. Needless to say, Amy drove home.
Time to hydrate!
One of his fave activities? Running around this here tree.
And giving tours of the far side of the tree.

Emily got her ab workout, using Jack as a weight. Handy items, these children.
This is a ring. I should have actually posted the owner of said ring first. Here's what you're going to do. You're going to remember the ring in the back of your mind. As you scroll down, you're going to meet the wearer of the ring, as she makes her debut on the Vrbi. Yay!
Ricky sleepy.
This is us having breakfast. Auntie Em was quite the cook. I called her Aunt Jemima.
Daniel, Emily, Amy, Chuckles McGee.

There she is! Remember the ring? Okay. The owner is right there. No, not Jake! The girl on his lap that he has his hands all over! This is Brenna. She is Jacob's fiancee. They got engaged recently and we finally got to meet her! Yay!
Granny Janny with the camera we got her for Christmas taking photos of Mike sleeping.
Jake, what does your gut tell you? Within a month of being overseas, that'll be gone! The pasty skin too! (Like I can talk!)
The last part of our day there involved Jake getting his head buzzed. He did this before the last tour of duty so had to do it again. Brenna did the honors.

Bzzzzzz. Jack thought this was completely strange. He just stared in absolute horror.
She must have a thing for my high school shop and science teachers from looking at this picture.
Nice burnz.
The finishing touches. I can safely say Jack might be traumatized about haircutting now.
Two words: Cue. Ball.
That's a wrap, folks!