Sunday, January 21

Finger Food

Jack reached right for his first Finger Food Fruit Puff (tm) this morning.
It was a hit!

And now on to cereal.
Thanks, Mommy and Daddy!

Sorry we didn't update very much this week. We've been busy as heck. Jack is getting over his cold, but as you can see by the photos, there are still some lingering boogs.

We're changing over to invite-only on Thursday (Cousin Larissa's birthday; though we didn't plan that!), so don't freak out when you log on and can't get right in. Just check your e-mail for an invite and register. If your name isn't on the post from the other day, make sure you let me know your e-mail address. I've updated the lists several times as new addys are sent over.

Peace out,

The Vrbi