Monday, October 26

Time to get this thing updated

Did you miss your little angel? I'm not even going to bother with excuses about why my blog is so painfully un-updated the past four months. I'm busy and when priorities shift, the blog gets the shaft. I'm on a mission to update you June through October though, so here we go!
My goodness, this kid is so adorable sometimes!
This was clear back in March, but I forgot to post it. Go fig.
Best kid ev.
 Above, Tori was a candidate for homecoming royalty, getting second attendant. Jack, Peyton and Sawyer were all very proud, as were all of us!
Tori had no idea she was about to be served a heaping platter of Jackaroni and Cheese. 
BTW, this photo will be in a frame...
Forgive the clutter behind him, but trust me on this one, this cowboy's not gonna let some ignored paint cans get in the way of some good, old-fashioned fun!
Stick 'em up, mister!
Don't worry, it's just Jackles!
We were invited to a hog roast at Brian and Heidi Wright's house on Sunday, and we all had great fun and outstanding food, as well as dang good company! Above, Jack picks out a peck of pumpkins. Okay, just one, but a peck just sounded better...
Jackers and a cracker.
Jack-o-saurus and Peytunia Elisa-bells.
Jack and his amazing, beautiful mommy.
I have no idea what was going on here, but I took it months ago. Which makes me question why the kid was wearing a Halloween shirt months ago. Probably better not to analyze this one too much...