Tuesday, January 9

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 4 of 6

20. This is where it all began. This is the first picture of Jack where you can see his face. He was not a happy camper at this point. Probably 'cause his 8-month camping trip came to an abrupt halt when the doctor pulled him out of Mommy's tummy. Yep, that'll usually do it.
19. You would not believe the vomit that came out of that boy! The shirt as you can see is soaked with spitup, but that was not the worst of it by far. It was brutal and hilarious! This was after we got back from the teething nightmare that was Thanksgiving. He wouldn't eat the whole time, so when Daddy got him to take 6 oz. the day after we got back, we thought we were in heaven. Not for long though...
18. The Popeye Smile. Jack had just taken his first whirl in the Johnny Jump Up, we put him on the floor in his room and he started making funny faces. I love this picture. It will be in a frame someday. Probably in 2o15 when we have a spare moment to worry about frames!
17. All the cousins together for the 4th of July. Jack, Tori, Matthew, Kenna, Luke and Peyton all in front of Joe's fireplace. Nathan would arrive two months later. They all look so darn funny! Except Tor. She just looks like Tori. And look how little Jack is! Matthew even looks dinky...for Matthew!
16. Jack always looked so funny in this little terrycloth jumper. This is one of our favorite pictures because of his mood that day and that silly little jumper. He was loving having his Mommy rub his lotion on right before this.
15. Gotta love this shot. What a great moment, angle, lighting, and the lawn looks REALLY green outside in the backyard! Jack really liked that book that Granny Janny brought with her.
14. Jack's first Halloween costume was a winner. He was a baby bird. I love how excited he looks in this picture! Sorry, kid, no trick or treating this year.
13. You just can't beat this picture with a stick. This was also at the pumpkin patch in October (hence the pumpkins behind the kiss). We like to kiss our kid. Can you tell?
12. I absolutely LOVE this picture. Jack with Grammy Tami and he looks like he is really telling a humdinger of a story here! And that smile is just so funny. You can tell he knows he's pretty darn special! I cannot get enough of this picture.
11. Mommy snapped this one day when Daddy was gone somewhere. This was back when Jack wouldn't take his pacifier anymore and just sucked his thumb constantly. He was very good at self-soothing, thanks to that thumb. You could hear him rustling around in his bassinet, then he'd just go to town on that thumb. What a great moment she caught too. And now Jack takes the pacifier all the time.
Tomorrow, we'll take on numbers 10-6. And on Thursday, you'll get the TOP 5! They're all great photos, but the top ten really rawk!