Thursday, January 11

New Security Feature

We're not going to make this change for another two weeks, but we're warning you today so it's not a shock when it happens...
As you know, we live in a wacky world, where everyone has access to the internet. Since everyone includes all kinds of miscellaneous freaks and ne'er-do-well deviants, we need to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect our child. With the site being what it is now, any sick perv-o can find our site by happening upon the main Blogger site. We don't know how many people accidentally happen upon our site from the other blogs, but if you've seen some of the blogs out there these days, you might become concerned. We've avoided putting our last name, location, identifying details on the site, but you can't be too safe. Which is why the following is happening:
As a security feature on this site starting January 25, we are going to make our site accessible only to people we know. So in the future, you'll have to log in to see photos of Jack-Jack. It'll take two or three seconds at the most. That means you'll need to simply register with us once, we'll let you in as soon as we get word from Blogger that you've requested registration, then you can log in as many times a day as you wish. We'll keep it updated just the same, we'll just feel safer knowing it's private.
And you can feel honored that you are among the elite allowed to see pictures of our little bundle of joy!
(Mommy and Daddy V)
PS - The lack of comments lately is totally depressing, folks! Snap to it!


Staab Boys said...

I agree. Let me know how you're doing it, I'd like to do it to ours too.

The Dave said...

It's a deal.

Susan said...

I'm glad you are adding the security feature. I've been thinking about it when I view the site. I really enjoyed the top 52 photos. Again, your number 1 was my number 1. Oh, too bad for Nebraska vs. Iowa State!
Although we're really not that good but have a great new coach.

Baby Greenwood said...

Please, please, please let us in on how you're doing the security deal! Can't be too safe!