Saturday, January 6

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 1 of 6

Since this is mainly a photo blog, we thought we'd do a recap of the past year and show you the Top 50 Vrbi Photos of 2006. We've posted nearly 500 photos of miscellaneous stuff throughout the past year, so we thought we narrow it down to about 50 and give you the backstories to the photos. Well, we ended up with 52, so deal with it! Plus, there are 52 weeks in a year. Yeah, that's why we did it! Sure...

We'll start off with the bottom 12, numbers 52-41. Enjoy the trip down memory lane, y'all!

52. Jack was just lying there asleep with a monster smile on his face. Chock it up to either gas or bliss, but this photo starts out the Top 52 with a smiley bang!

51. It's a rarity when Mommy will let her picture be taken. Not to mention posted on here! She and Jack were talking and Daddy moved in for the photo op.

50. This photo was of Jack's foray into solid foods. He had been eating strictly cereal and formula bottles until we gave him these carrots. He's never looked back!

49. Always big on the art of the smile, Jack's first few smiles were hilarious. This was a couple months after he was born and he just laid on the boppy on Daddy's lap and hammed it up for the camera.
48. Jack's first bath was crazy but we'll have a photo of that coming up in another section. This particular picture was cute because of the look on his face. He looked at us like "I trust you guys; don't hurt me" and this was one of the first photos that really captured his blue eyes.

47. This was the night of the Vrbi Halloween Bash. Daddy was Larry Bird and Jack was a baby bird. We didn't plan it that way at're giving us way too much credit if you think that!

46. We like the look on his face in this one and the fact that he's with his favorite toy: Sassy the horse. When Daddy and Jack-Jack bought the horse in Target, Daddy started calling it Sassy because he read it on the package. Turns out it was the name of the toy company. So his drum set is also called Sassy and so is his toy cell phone.

45. This photo pretty well speaks for itself. This was the best one of the bunch when he just made face after face after face.

44. Grandma Peterson was holding him at our house in this photo. He was having a good time with her!

43. And this one was taken on Grandma's porch swing. Whenever all the cousins are together, we make sure to get a group photo. Peyton, Matthew, Nate, Tori, Jack and Luke were all pleased to be getting their photos taken. Much more so than on Thanksgiving. Fo' sho!

42. This picture is so cute. It shows off Jack's blue eyes and the wall his Daddy spent two full days painting for his nursery. That project was a labor of pure love and we're so happy with the result!

41. Jack was hanging out in his Bebe Pod being a little dude. This was a rare moment when he was sitting up in the thing instead of chewing on the yellow part!

Feel free to leave comments and tell us what you think of the list so far. And tell us which one you think should be number one. Stay tuned for the unveiling of numbers 40-31!


Staab Boys said...

So far I like 52 the best. He looks like he is having a great dream!