Thursday, January 11

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 6 of 6

5. We were taking his holiday card photo, set him up against the pillows on the couch, draping his white blankie over the pillows. He sat up for a few seconds, then leaned over so he looked cool. He obviously knew he was lookin' cool!

4. How could you possibly find a sweeter picture than this? This was the day he was born, after getting cleaned up and poked and prodded in the nursery. He fell fast asleep and Daddy picked him up for this photo. He is so little in Daddy's hands, and looks nothing like the Jack Parker you now see on this site every week. Isn't it crazy how much they change in 7 months?!

3. I cannot get enough of this picture. This was Jack's first official bath after we got him home. He was not pleased by the water, the soap, the camera flash, etc... This is a classic photo and the camera angle made it perfectly clean--just like Jack was!

2. Man oh man, is this a great picture. We have posted several pictures of these two buddies, but this one takes the cake. This was during the Christmas trip to Des Moines and we were at Susan's. She snapped a couple photos of Jake and Jack and this by far was the best! It's such a great photo, in fact, it was almost #1. But the following photo just barely beat it:

1. Best. Photo. Ever. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

That # 1 picture of Jack is beautiful. It makes me think of a photo that should be used for professional uses. Does Jack have a future perhaps in the media ??

Bec said...

What an awesome idea! We've loved seeing all the best pics of Jack! Can only imagine how DIFFICULT it must have been to narrow it down! You've got a handsome boy there!!! We miss you guys and NEED to get together soon! These boys are just growing like weeds!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack! Peyton & I have really enjoyed seeing all these pics of you. We're glad that your 'rents do this, since we don't get to see you in person as often as we'd like. And we have agreed... LOVE the #1 pic. You're just the most precious baby!! Miss you & love you...

Aunt Sarah & Peyton Elisabeth.

Blackmans said...

I totally agree with number 1. This is my all time favorite picture. My #2 is the one of you covered in vomit though. It seriously cracks me up every time I see it!!!