Monday, January 8

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 3 of 6

30. This is one of the first times Jack got really dressed up for daycare. Most of what he'd worn up to this point were onesies and sleepers. Tina Kitt got this outfit for his baby shower and we couldn't wait to put it on him. It seems like his personality changed the second he started wearing it. This picture was darker than I like, but it was taken before I learned how to adjust the exposure on the computer through my program. Why didn't I adjust it for this post? I'm lazy, that's why.
29. Aunt Susan took this one of Jack laying on his Boppy on her living room floor. He was so smiley the entire time we were in Des Moines and this picture pretty much sums up his general demeanor during the trip--except during the ride from our town to Gretna. EEK!
28. Camden came over to visit Jack one morning and it was pretty easy to get Da Boyz smiling for this photo. It wasn't staged either; Camden was rolling all over the place, he flopped down beside Jack-Jack and the smilefest promptly began.
27. Totally cliche, but completely cute. And truer than true can be. Daddy should get a bib that says the same thing. Aaaahhhhhh....

26. This is one of the pictures we put on our Christmas card. He wasn't sure what to think when we put him in that poky bucket with all that greenery, so he decided to smile a couple times. It was an interesting photo session for ol' Dad to get some good ones. Usually getting cute ones of this kid is like shooting ducks in a barrel, but he was rather uncooperative this time around.
25. Granny Janny was at the house when this was taken. He was sitting with Mommy just being cute. The sly grin is hilarious and definitely worthy of the Top 25. The sly grin is also funny because Mommy was exhausted and Jack stayed up until 10-10:30 wanting to nurse. Foreshadowing?24. Jack, Nathan and Matthew get together occasionally. This photo was not an easy one to get taken, but Aunt Missy got a good one where the oldest baby wasn't Matt-handling the other two!
23. We totally love his smile in this picture. This was soon after he was born. He was lying with Daddy and smiling like crazy. I think this is when we realized we had a real happy one on our hands. Yay!
22. What a great moment...Jack was inconsolable before Gramps got ahold of him. The bouncy knee did wonders in distracting him from the teething. Either that or he was just plain worn out from crying so much. Whatever the reason for the slumber, we considered it a Thanksgiving miracle. What a good Grandpa too...
21. Sleeping and smiling. Gotta love that baby gas. We like several things about this photo: the dimples, the white legs, the video camera showing how much this kid's life is chronicled thus far. And, of course, the fact that something in his dreams was totally cracking up this little few-weeks old!
Tomorrow we dive headfirst into the TOP 20! Yippee Skippers!


Stacy Cutinella said...

Dave and Amy,
I am in awe of all the pics of your precious man. My fave is #22, snuggling with Gpa, because there is nothing better than escaping the hub-bub of a holiday house to the strong, peaceful arms of Grandpa.

I have a very similar picture of me at about age three with my Uncle Jim. Thanks for bringing up a great memory!

I love your site, your hard work on it is very rewarding for all of us who get to enjoy it :)

Dave said...

You're too kind, Stacy! Glad you enjoy the site. Hope you got the Christmas card!