Wednesday, January 10

Top 52 Photos of 2006, Part 5 of 6

10. Aunt Missy took this picture of Jack sitting on the floor with his Mommy when we were at Gramma 'Laine's house this fall. You can't beat this picture--he's so sweet.

9. I love the look on his face in this picture. (He's looking at his Mommy on the right.) Aunt Sarah left a comment on this picture that she put this as her wallpaper on her computer 'because he looks like such a happy munchkin!' Dave had the rock beside him made by one of his clients at the newspaper long before he was ever born. If we'd have had a girl, we probably would have been e-baying that sucker. Good thing the ultrasound was accurate!

8. Coming home from the hospital after being born, all bundled June! We just love this picture. The colors are good and he looks so trusting and teeny.

7. Aunt Susan caught this photo from afar when she and Gramps and Grams K visited from Des Moines. Mommy was holding him and he was stretching out being cute. Again, great natural lighting in this photo, but we picked it mainly 'cause it's so dang cute!

6. Dave caught this photo just recently and it's a winner! Jack was sitting in Gramma 'Laine's highchair and Peyton just came over and started posing with him. It is impossible to get a smile out of that girl in photos and she just volunteered. It's like she knew it was going to be #6 on the countdown! We're amazed by how much their smiles match their dads when they were little.

Tomorrow: THE TOP 5!


Susan said...

I have to say that #8 when Jack was all bundled up coming home from the hospital is one of my favorite photos. I do agree with your number one. It looked good in black and white or color. It has everything. Plus, I like those arms up!

Aletha said...

Oh David i think Jack is sooo cute. I just feel in love with his eyes. He seem like he's a real happy baby! Well Congrates scents i haven't seen u like forever. You do look like a proud papa! You take care that handsome baby!

Jack's Dad said...

Thanks, Aletha! Will do...