Thursday, May 31

Big Boy

Vids Working?

I did some tweaking to the videos. Please tell me if they are/aren't working now.



Wednesday, May 30

Cute Pics From Amber

Dan's girlfriend Amber took these pictures a couple weeks ago, but we just now had a chance to showcase them on here. Thanks, Amber!

Tuesday, May 29

Jack's First Camping Trip

Jack enjoyed his first camping trip for the Memorial Day weekend. We had a camping trip scheduled with Aunt Missy but they ended up sick, we didn't get a spot on time and the whole thing kind of fell through at the last minute. Darn it; we were looking forward to seeing them again. Anyway, we got a spot here close to town and it turned out being just right. Friends were able to come out, and Granny Janny, Rick, Auntie Em, Mike, Kealey, Taylor, Jake and others camped with us for a couple nights. Here, Jack is joined by his buddy Camden at the picnic table.

Jack is doing really well on eating real food. He REALLY enjoyed the little bit of homemade ice cream Granny Janny gave him Sunday night! It was a hit.
Taking up part of the table. What a haul there, huh?
Tristan (daddy's co-worker Heather's son) was impossible to photograph. He's like a lightning bolt!

Here I got a pic of him running beside his tent. He and his mom and dad tented Saturday night with us so they could go fishin' the next morning bright and early.

Jack's Mom, Jack and Heather.

Rick, Granny Janny and Uncle Jake beside the camper.

Camden shows us where his nose is. So smart!

And then he showed us where his Mommy's nose is too!

Camden is so big!

Granny Janny, Rick and Jack delight in the great outdoors.

Jake, Kealey, Emily and Taylor (behind Emily).

Jake and Auntie Em get the burgers off the grill while Mike enjoys one of the first dawgs.
I love campin'!
Dang, I'm cute! Have you missed this smile?

Center of attention.
Playing with my girls Kealey and Auntie Em.

The first day, Mommy and Daddy just fed me on the dinette booth.
Daddy and I snuggled up to try to go to sleep.

Enjoying the grass.
Trying some big boy toys.

Let's play catch!
How many dudes does it take to put an outdoor fireplace together?

Jake and Mike chillin...
...while Emily, Kealey and Taylor relax inside to get to sleep.

Toasting my toes by the fire.

Monday, May 28

Utter Naughtiness


"Bounce Like A Tigger!"

We'll have pictures in the next couple of days now that the camera's back. We've had a hard time uploading pics to the site lately, so enjoy the vids for now and keep checking back for pics of Jack standing, the camping trip and miscellaneous other stuff!

Tuesday, May 15

You've Been Missing Us, Haven't You?

It's been a long time since we've posted anything, but we have reasons.
First of all, our new camera is having issues. In our last post, we told you that after the picture of Jack sleeping in the car was taken, the batteries died. Well, as it turned out, the camera needed some help. Thankfully, everything will be taken care of by warranty, but it still makes it very hard to update y'all without a camera.
We'll be digging out the ol' Kodak so we can keep you inundated with photos of the cutest little boy that ever walked the Earth*. Stay tuned for more photos very soon.
And we have several news updates for you as well, so bear with me here.
First, and most importantly: We have decided to change the date of Jack-Jack's birthday party to the week AFTER his birthday. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that we want everyone to be able to partake if they so choose. Having it the weekend of Comstock, Pioneer Days, conferences for both of Jack's grandmas, work stuff, and miscellaneous other stuff was just not going to happen.
So, here's the dish on the party**. June 15, we will welcome everyone at our humble home. You are invited to be there for the whole weekend, part of the weekend, only the party, or a couple weeks or months.*** You are welcome to camp in the back yard in a tent, bring an RV and park in either the drive**** or somewhere around GI, or to stay in the house. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you're staying in the house or yard so we can plan a little bit.
That weekend also coincides with two very important dates: Uncle Dan's birthday***** and Father's Day.****** So we're going to combine all those important dates and have a shindig the likes of which you'll never forget. *******
The weekend will be filled with good times, barbecues, games, water fun, trips across town for shopping, music, happiness, laughter, hugs, bugs, and probably also a fair amount of dehydration and sunny sunning in the sun.
Jack's par-tay will be on Saturday sometime. We'll announce that later.
And since Amy and Dave didn't get to see their mommies on Mom's Day, we'll combine Father's Day and Mother's Day for a party on Sunday. If that's alright with everyone.********
After finding out at work that we are going to try to network through the Comstock concerts for RVing, it was such a genius idea ********* that I realized I needed to be at the dealership for the country one so that mommy and daddy could go to the rock to work AND play! Yay! And the next weekend will be better for everyone. Plus, Jack won't know the difference. **********
In other news:
1. Congratulations, Uncle Jared and Aunt Missy! Yay! If you want to know why, ask them.
2. Uncle Joe and the fire department dudes from Daddy's hometown will be staying at our house Thursday through Saturday nights for fire school. They were going to stay in Kearney and drive in, paying a fortune for hotels and gas and spending two hours on the road everyday. Instead, Dave had the brilliant idea to have them rent an RV from Rich & Sons and stay in that in the drive instead. This way, it's an adventure for them, they are VERY close to the event, and they benefit from that fine Vrbi hospitality! Some of them will be staying in the camper and others in the house. It'll be a blast and we are really looking forward to it! Yay!
3. We are going to be camping in SW area for Memorial Day. If you want information on where we'll be, let us know and we'll let you know. If you know what I know...
4. Things are going well at work for both of Jack's 'rents. First, and most importantly, school is almost out for the year so Mommy can be with Jack all summer. Secondly, the RV biz is going pretty well. Keeping busy there. Yay! A lot of hours though...
5. We've been looking at a monster house in another town close to GI, but haven't been able to commit to it yet. The payments wouldn't be anymore, but the space in house is unbelievable! It does need work though and who has time? It's a gamble we're going to try to eliminate much risk on before diving in.
6. I think that's it. Yep, that's it.
7. Wait a minute there. We didn't do a Mother's Day post yet. Happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers, your mothers, their mothers. All the mothers that matter to us. Do you want us to list them for ya? Okay:

Happy Mother's Day to Amy, Tami, Janet, Elaine, Mary Lou, Edna, Beverly, Emily, Heidi, Missy and Sarah!
And also to Nancy, Karlene, Denise, Mary Ann, Cindy, Julie, Donna, Carol, Stephanie, Brenda, Kathy, Jessica V, Rebecca, Cara, Jenifer, Melissa, Kim, Shelley, Lori, Deb, Jessica C, Genny, Aletha, Vera, Dixie, Candace, and anyone else reading who might be a mother! And if I forgot you, Happy Mother's Day anyway!

* The cutest little boy that ever walked the Earth--holding onto a plastic toy mower held upright thanks to his daddy's weight set and duct tape.
** By no means the final plan, but the date is now definitely set in stone!
*** That was a joke! You are not invited to live with us. Not hap'nin. Plus, you wouldn't want to. Trust me.
**** You may want to let us know if you want part of the drive. We have one spot tentatively reserved for Missy and Jared's fam, but probably have room for one more trailer... Let us know.
***** That, of course, is debatable.
****** The most important day EVER. (Besides, of course, Mom's Day. Duh.)
******* Try as you may.
******** It BETTER be!
********* It was party mine, that's why it's genius.
********** Until ten years later, when he reads this and is enraged by his parent's cavalier attitude toward timeliness!

Monday, May 7

Another Crazy Sunday!

We went to Lincoln Sunday to meet Ella Kucera. Her parents are friends of Mommy and Daddy. She is a dolly. Her cousin Maggie is holding her for the first time.
Pictured is Maggie, Ella, Jack and Amy.
Then we went over to Auntie Em's and saw Emily, Mike, Taylor and Kealey. Here, Tay and Jack play with the football.
"Hey...psssttt...come here, see that swingset way out there? Let's make a break for it...
Whaddaya lookin' at, Taylor?
Jack showed Kealey how to drive.
Then he hid under the pool table.
Still under the pool table and still playing with the car.
Jack and Kealey.
When we got to Fireworks restaurant to see Dax and his parents, Jack was out! He looks like he has a black eye in this picture, but it's a smudge on the mirror. Our batteries died in the camera after this photo, so we have to steal from Dax's mommy when she downloads her camera. We met them for lunch with Emily, Mike, Taylor and Kealey. It was quite the wild meal! We'll post those photos a little later.