Friday, January 26

Hangin' With Daddy on a Friday!

Everyone always talks about how much they love Fridays.
I agree, because that's the day my dad has off from work and we get to hang out together all day. Today, we went to Trade West and The Independent to visit friends, went to the post office, cleaned the house, made a healthy lunch for Mommy, my parents discovered that I have a tooth (duh! I coulda told them that!) and then we went out to Rich & Sons to see those folks. Now, I'm taking a nap so Daddy is posting this entry for me!
All in all, a great day!

Daddy and me.

Mommy came home for a healthy lunch and discovered my first tooth. Mania ensued as you can imagine!

Yeah, Mommy, there's one in there. That's why I wouldn't eat!

I was trying to drum up some business for Rich & Sons. If Daddy sells more, I get more toys!

When we got home from R&S, I passed out. Daddy has to call the jury hotline in a little bit. We'll let you know if he has to report for his final week of service!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your first tooth, Jack! Hooray! (You just keep getting cuter and cuter!) Lucky you getting to spend a whole Friday with daddy! Hooray for Fridays!!! :-)