Sunday, February 25

A Few Mentions

Congrats, W-P Bronco Girls Basketball Team for making it to state! We'll see you there! We think it'll be a great tournament for you! (Jack's cousin Tori is on the team and we can't wait to see her play!) And just so we could show our team spirit for my alma mater, I bought Jack a red outfit for Thursday's game! (I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that the boy's team is rated number one in the state!)

Happy 34th Anniversary, Gramps and Grammy V!

Happy Belated Birthday to Jack's mommy. She'll be the big 3-0 at this time next year! And on the same day, Jack's Aunt Susan had a birthday too! She'll also be the big 3-0 next year! :-)

We promised to be better this year about mentioning birthdays, but have already missed a couple: Jack's second cousins Larissa and Vanessa. Sorry, but Happy Birthday to both of you--very belatedly!

And finally, our hearts go out to the family and friends of Randy Matheny of McCook--a true American hero. God bless you all at this very difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We know you're all loyal readers of The Vrbi and we honestly have not stopped thinking of you in the past couple weeks.

nap time

Jack typed that stuff above.

Me and My Puppy

Dexy's a little squeamish because I like to yank his fur out.
He'll still give me kisses though.

I REALLY Want To Crawl!

Lean forward.
Lean a little more to the left.
And quite a bit more.
Now I'm back on my hinder ender. (This picture is so cute!)
This yoga pose is called 'leaning newborn'.
This carpet is so dirty, Mommy and Daddy!
My leg is stuck under my belly.
Look at me up where I can get to going. Not that I do, but I try.
I'm up and getting stronger.
All tuckered out...

I Made A Big Mess!

Do I kiss my mama with this mouth? Darn right I do!
Daddy, clean me up already...
I'm such a little doodlebug. This is my new thing to do. I try to hide my smile by tightening my lips. It's very cute.

Me and Mommy and Daddy

This was earlier this morning. Daddy hadn't taken a shower yet. Ewww...
My mommy and I were sticking our tongues out at each other.
Now Daddy's showered. That's a little bit better (smelling).
Mommy, take that hat off! (Isn't Mommy looking good?!)

Tuesday, February 20

Just Some Happy Funtime Fotos

My daddy's just posting this photo because it highlights my eyes. I'm completely 100% gorgeous and precious and sweet and cute and snuggly and lovable.
Same with this one. Like my ghetto bib? The other ones were dirty so we improvised.
Daddy got me a bath seat just like the one my buddy Cam has.
I'm so happy to have my new bath seat I will eat this rubber ducky!
I'm all personality when I take a bath. It's the best!
Whassup, Mommy!
Rubber ducky, you're the one...

You buy 'em books, you buy 'em books...and all they do...
You can't be serial, Daddy.
Crawling is but a week or so away, folks, as predicted by Daddy!
Still love my Sassy even after all these months.
Here we are...hangin' out...bein' dudes...

(Mommy's birthday is on Thursday, y'all! Make sure you wish her a happy 29th!)

Saturday, February 17

So Many Visitors, So Little Time

Cara tried to hide, but couldn't quite get out of the way.
Anyway, my buddy Dax came to town so I got to hang out
with him, Camden and our mommies.

Here's the three of us catching up.

Here's me with only one sock on, Dax chewing on his fingers and Camden ready for takeoff.

Good to see you, buddy. Let's shake hands.

Camden's getting around pretty darn good these days!

Then my Grandma Elaine got here. She came with Uncle Jared, Aunt Missy and Luke to pick up their new camper from Daddy. Luke and Grandma spent the night with us. Missy and Jared wanted some sleep so they stayed at a hotel.
My cousin Luke doesn't like pants. He's pretty entertaining, to say the least, and we were a captive audience!
Captain Underpants put on a great baton show.
My cousin gave me a hug and I hugged back for the first time!
Luke, you're so funny! (I don't know what Luke was doing here, but it was funny.)

My cousin taught me how to play with my toys.
Then he gave me eskimo kisses. I LOVE eskimo kisses!
After he showed me how it works, I was able to play the piano myself. My first song was
"When The Saints Go Marching In".

Luke, what are you doin'?!
Three more VERY satisfied customers! All in a day's work for my daddy-o.
Missy and Jared were very happy with their experience at Rich & Sons
and said they would definitely send others there; that's just good PR.
Thanks, Uncle Jared & Aunt Missy! It was a pleasure!

Thursday, February 15

What a Boy!

All dressed up for my day, laying in bed with Dexy.
Dang, I'm looking good today!
I see Mommy!
The ceiling fan always mesmerizes me. Never fails.
Semi-profile shot.
Mug shot.
Hey, Macarena!
Hi again, Mommy.
I tried to pull my socks off, but they were on there good.
I'm ready to go now, folks. Ready to go!