Thursday, June 28

Another Big Day

Eating breakfast.
Making faces at the mommy.
It's not hard to believe Jack is in the 75th percentile for his length when you look at this pic. (He's in the fifth percentile for his weight though.)
Fourth swimming lesson. Here with Aaron, Cam, Cara.
I was talking. And I'm thinking if I look like this when I talk, I'm-a shut up!
Hangin' out, bein' a dude...
We also saw O and his dad!


We just posted a couple polls at the right side to see your opinion on the next Vrbi's name. We're not announcing anything, in fact the next one is not even a thought right now, but it's just fun to know what others think of the names.

Vote for your faves!

Friday, June 22

And Still More Birthday Party Photos From Papa Jerry!

Julie and Nathan play while Jack makes sure it's okay.
Still watching something else.
What a fun time!
Matthew arrived a little later and was ready to play in the water!

At first, Jack was squeamish about the water, but got used to it.
He loved the slide a lot. (And yes, my skin glows in the dark if you're wonderin')
Playing is fun.
Papa Jerry with Nathan on the slide.

Peyton (or as I call her: Peytunia) had a blast at our house last weekend!
Nathan and his chubby legs! And Papa Jer in his winter clothes!
The Translucent Bros.
Peyton has fun on the fantastic slide, slide, slippety slide.
Bang bang! Squirt squirt!
No one messes with Saggy McDiaperson and gets away with it!

Peyton and Matthew.
I can't hold myself up with all this weight in this diaper! heavy!
Papa Jer reprimanding someone. Probably me.
Matthew is dealing well with that water weight.

Playing with Papa.
Good times at Casa De Vrbi.
I love this picture because I look semi-skinny! It's an optical illusion!
Still not eating that cake...

Wednesday, June 20

Even More Birthday Party Photos!

Cam and Dax in the ball pit.
Me helping Jack with the candle on the cake.
Mushy stuff
Dax is practicing for his birthday in August.
Cam gone wild!

These photos are from Dax's blog. Thanks, Bec and Craig!

Jack Walked!

Just wanted everyone to know that Jack took a couple steps yesterday at noon. We've been working with him on it and he finally took off for a couple steps. Then he freaked out and sat down. He did that about three times.

I will try to get a vid of it happening, but it hasn't happened since. I'll sure try though!

Tuesday, June 19

Birthday Cake Time

Great News!

We are so happy to announce that Jack will have many new friends joining this wild world in the next year. Dax and Cam will both be having new little siblings born around Christmas, so Jack will have two more built-in buddies to play with. And he will be an extra big brother to both also!
In addition, Jack's Aunt Missy will be having another baby in January which will add another cousin to the mix of Tori, Kenna, Luke, Peyton, Matthew, Jack and Nathan! We're excited to see if we'll end up with half girls/half boys after this or if the boys will finally take over. It'll be interesting to see...
And in just plain awesome news, we are pleased to announce that Dave's cousin Vanessa, and her hubby Scott, will be having their first baby shortly after Missy's due date! We are very, very, very excited for these two!

Congratulations and good health to all of you!

And while we're on the topic, here are my fearless predictions. They are not based on anything but a gut feeling!

Cara and Aaron: BOY
Craig and Bec: GIRL
Jared & Missy: GIRL
Scott and Vanessa: GIRL

We'll just have to wait and see, huh? Let me know what you think of any of these predictions!

More Birthday Party Photos!

Here are the rest of the pictures we had from Jack's party. We put out a request for more yesterday and are we'll post those as soon as we get them! Thanks for the photos in advance, Bec, Missy, Sarah, Tori and Grammy Tami! (I'm assuming each of you has a photo or two I can steal! Although I already stole from Missy...)
Heartbreakers and Moms.
Dang, it's muggy out here!
The Kaspers and assorted other guests.
Kealey, Mike and Auntie Em.
Opening gifts with Dad.
Uncle Jake and Gramps Tom.
Rick and Granny Janny help out with gift time.
Typical males...not using the instructions.
Look, Daddy. Over there! It's a party crowd!
Dax and Cam are ready for lasso golf.
Just one of Jack's many gifts.
Uncles and aunts everywhere!
Dax and Dad.
Jack's cuz Tori and her beau-friend, Daniel. He's a very nice boy. (He'd better be...hint hint...warning warning...)
About half of the party crew. Jack has a LOT of friends, huh?
After all the guests left, we all chilled in the backyard under the old cedar tree. Uncle Joe gets the outdoor fireplace ready. We figured we'd let the pyro/fire chief do the fireplace duties. He was less than "stoked".