Monday, March 30

Checkin' out the Model T

Auntie Em was here for the weekend, which was a great excuse to go out to dinner with Grandma Bev and Gramps Cy. It ended up being quite the party at Pizza Hut Sunday afternoon, as 11 of us piled into the party room. After that, we headed over to the grand'rents' house to visit. Jack caught sight of a tractor in the backyard, so we went out to sit on it. That led to everyone coming outside and the uncles rolling the Model T out of the garage. Jack LOVED playing in the restored car — the same one his parents rode away in on their wedding day!
Jack in the car and behind him, from left, Alan and his girlfriend Shelby Woitaszeski, Will and his girlfriend Kayla Minard, Stephanie, Emily and Amy.
Stephanie pointed out some bird poop in the back of the car so Jack was fixated on that for a while. He found it quite amusing. Thanks, Steph!
Our little Model T driver.
"Now go on, Miss Daisy..."
Alan, Shelby, Kayla, Grandma Bev, Ems.
Grams woke Gramps from his nap to come outside to supervise the Model T hoopla.
Then we checked out a tractor in the garage. The crew: Emily, James, Shelby, Alan, Gramps, Amy, Kayla, Will, Bill, Grandma, Steph and Jackles.
Time for a nap after a fun little diversion.
Emily being a goof while Jack spaces off. He took a good nap that day!

Monday, March 23

Another wild weekend

We met Grandpa Tom in McCook on Saturday and enjoyed Taste of Texas with him then headed to the park. Jack still thinks the bread is for him, which doesn't matter because the geese were quite disinterested in what we had to offer.
Gramps and Jack making their way up to the big slide.
And down they go! I couldn't decide which photo I liked best of this moment, so you get three of them and you can all just decide for yourselves which is your fave. I like all three myself.
Black and white.
Full color.
Our big boy. Making his way through the tunnel. Just in case we don't have enough photos like this one. 
Another slide with Pops Tom.
A little bumpy there guys? If I were feeling ambitious today, I'd photoshop that other kid out of the background, but it's Monday and I'm not in the mood.
Obviously neither is he. Yeesh.
Circle in the sand... sing it with me...
Pretty sure he was ready for nap time at this point.
Gramps and the Jack.
Racing down the slide. Gramps obvs has a length advantage on that whole racing thing.
Tori had prom on Saturday night, so that was a good photo opp for the Uncle-Razzi. Here she is with her boyfriend, trying to pin his boutonniere (I had to look up how to spell that word, needless to say). It took some intervention by Aunt Sarah to get it done, but it worked.
And now her corsage (I could spell that easily) goes on.
Tori and Dan.
Tori and Peyton, pleasin' with some cheesin'.
I just love this picture. Can't help it.
This was fun to do. Love that effect too! So purty that girl is... Can't wait to do her senior pics too. We're gonna have some FUN!
So, we kinda told her to pose like Paris Hilton here and I think Tori proved that she is just not a stupid skank. And we LOVE that about her.
Tawyer and Sawyer. Whenever they're together that's what I'm gonna call them. They're gonna hate it fo' sho'!
Tori and Yahoo Serious.
Trying to force a smile on the ol' Jackaroni and Cheese. 
The little lovebirds.
I was goofin' and snapped this of Peyton. Kinda like it.
Nice ride there, Daniel.
Peytie and Jack enjoyed watching all the hoopla.
Everyone's favorite bedhead, Sawyer Janie.

Friday, March 20

My little buddy, enjoying the outdoors

Thursday, March 19

Prayers Needed

We need everyone to pray for a speedy recovery for Amy's Grandma Edna in Des Moines. She's been battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for as long as I've known her and has surgery today for the removal of a polyp. She has to be hospitalized for five days after surgery, so we hope she can relax in the hospital and just let the nurses take care of her.

Thanks for your prayers for Grandma Edna and for Aunt Susan, who will be her transportation, moral support and help when she gets home.

Wednesday, March 18

Missed Birthdays

Okay, I know! I suck because I can't find the time to go to the bathroom half the time and neglected to post birthday greetings to a couple people. Then I realized I forgot to post birthday greetings to four VERY important people. Four of my mostest favoritest women in the whole world actually! Four women that mean the world to all of the Vrbi.

So, without any further adieu or sucking up....

Happy Birthday Amy, Aunt Susan, 
Grammy Tami and Granny Janny!

As God is my witness, I'll never forget your b-days on here again!