Sunday, April 29

Grandma Was Here

Tax season is now officially over, so Jack gets to see his H&R Block-ownin' Grandma!
You're worth the wait, Granny Janny!
I hope I showed off for you enough, Grams.
Off in the distance behind these two, you can see the garden that grandma tilled and helped weed since Daddy is preoccupied with work and playing with Jack in his downtime.
What a pair!

Major News Update!

This is Jack standing at his mower. Thanks to some ninja-rigging by Daddy, with the aid of duct tape and weights (it's great that they are finally getting some use), it finally stopped falling over and making Jack cry. Now, he is able to pull himself up to standing position and walk behind it, as evidenced by the following pictures. The first time he went across the living room was quite a sight! We freaked out!
Here I go!
Strengthening my chicken legs.
I have no idea Daddy is training me for his job someday!
Just dang cute.
Vroom. Vroom.
Here I am at the front door. Daddy is outside and I'm in. I wanted to be out there with him.
Hi Daddy!
The lawnmower kept tipping over. Not safe. Daddy got it fixed though.
Keeping watch over our 'hood.

Sunday, April 22

Uncle Jared & Aunt Missy Visit

Jack's Uncle Jared and Aunt Missy visited the other day. We went out to Red Lobster (of course) and then over to their hotel for swimming. After the dip in the pool with Daddy, Jack lunged for Uncle Jared and spent most of the night playing with him. I guess Stranger Danger doesn't apply to Uncle Jared! Jack REALLY liked him.
Getting into the pool with Daddy.
I'm okay with the water now...
Liking it more and more all the time. And kicking like a pro.
Okay, at this point, Jack officially loved the pool.
As witnessed here. I love this picture.
Up we go, skinny boy.

Ahhhh, do we have to get out?
Hangin' with my uncle.
And now a brand new diaper so I can get busy crawling around.
Missy helped me up on my feet. We played a bunch too.
And I went for the (empty) trash can.

Catching Up

Jack gets caught up on the news from his cousins' town.
Daddy, daddy! I just read in the Social Scene that Zora had another visitor!
Now that the paper is read, it can be played with.

Tuesday, April 17

Plans For The Birthday Boy...In Two Months...

We've had a lot of requests for information on what we're doing for Jack's 1st birthday.

After mulling it over and trying to figure out the best, easiest, funnest and fairest thing to do, we've landed on the plan that is fairest for everyone--since we have family and friends on all sides of us near and far.
We decided to host his party here at our house for several reasons.
First, it is central to most of our friends and family, especially those who live in other states and on the eastern part of our state.
Number two, the entire weekend of Jack's birthday will be a massive celebration here in our town. It is the 150th celebration of the county we live in and there are many different celebrations all over town, including at the state park a block from our house.
We had already planned on making a massive campground of our yard, complete with a contained bonfire, tents, RV's, plenty of shade, etc... Now, since there is a massive celebration a half-block away from us, we thought we'd definitely take advantage of that as well. Live music, barbecues, celebrations, a wading pool for the kids, and all that good stuff at the park. That, and the museum is having a really awesome celebration out there as well. It will be a great weekend, filled with all sorts of wonderful activities for every age group. We'll just rename that weekend "Jackstock". We guarantee a great time, so make plans to be there. (June 8-9)
So, everything remains the same as far as the party is concerned. We'd considered moving the party to the homeland because of community celebrations that weekend, but it just isn't feasible or fair. We wish we could be in both places at the same time, but it's not possible.
We just wanted to make sure everyone knew early on so that they could plan accordingly. (You will receive invites in the mail also.) We look forward to seeing you there and sharing this enormous milestone with all of you!
The Management

Daddy & Jack

It was a lazy Sunday so we were just hangin' out, bein' dudes...

Around The House

Monday, April 16

Big Wide World Out There

Jack's First Bike Ride

Mommy got daddy a new bike and trailer for his birthday. On Sunday, he and Jack went for a ride.
Pulling in.
I love my bike trailer. It's fun. I don't, however, like it when my daddy wears his helmet. It freaks me out. I'll have to get used to that!
Thanks for the photos, Tori!

Time With Tori

Due to my clinginess to Mommy and Daddy lately, they were worried I'd have trouble dealing with Tori putting me to bed during Daddy's surprise birthday party. Obviously they didn't need to worry, as these pictures show. Tori captured a lot of photos of us hanging out and having fun before I went to bed.
My daddy also does this. He holds the camera in front of us. I don't ever look at it when he does that, so he's going to have to talk to Tori to see how she did this.
Could this one be #1 in next year's Top 52 Photos? Let's just say it'll be a strong contender.
So much fun this babysitting thing is! Stay away, Mommy and Daddy.
Giggles and wiggles.

Grandma and Grandpa Visited

I showed Grammy Tami and Gramps how well I get around now.
Me and Grams hung out a lot last week.
Gramps enjoyed watching me get around the house.