Sunday, January 14

Hangin' With Tha Boyz Again

The Heartbreakers Band:
JP at the mic, CamMo on the guitar and O-Dawg showing his dancing skillz.
(We'll put Dax on drums when we get together with him!)

Step by step, Owen's already taking on the stairs!

Babiez Gone Wild! Camden had already been in his jammers a while before Jack and Owen decided to get dressed up to take a ride to Sleepyville.

Camden and Jack-Jack

Happy Jack

Jack and Cam...hangin' out...bein' dudes...the usual...

Jack's buddies playin' hard.

Play time was interesting to watch, needless to say. Jack was the only one immobile. He sat and talked.

A glimpse of Baby Land.

Camo plays while O-Dawg and Jack-Jack discuss who's going to share the green block the most.

Man, just when you think these three can't get any more fun to watch, they totally prove you wrong!
Owen really liked Cam's easel thingy.
"No, Dad, I'm playin' with it!" Owen hangs on to the toy for dear life.

We went over to Camden's house last night so Camden, Owen and I could have more happy fun play time. The 'rents enjoyed a taco bar, chips & salsa and diet Mexican soda (Corona Light). Cara even surprised us later in the night by bringing out something she'd been working on for a while: Fried Ice Cream! It was muy delicioso, amigos. Muy bien, Senora Wade. Gracias!
After dinner, we all retired to the lower level of the Wade's beautiful home to engage in hearthside chatter and play with Camden's toys (by the way, we ended up with the shaky toy Jack's playing with in the third photo from the bottom; let us know whose it is and we'll get it back to ya! Promise.)
It was a great time! Can't wait 'till the next one, buddies.
-Jack Jack


Staab Boys said...

Looks like we missed a good time. Can't wait to join in the next one.

The Wades said...

That shaky thing is ours. Aaron thought Jack had one too!!!