Friday, November 13


With my presence on Facebook, I often forget to update our family blog with good news. Since this blog has been a great way of tracking Jack's life, I think I seriously need to change all that!

With that said, we have some great news to announce! We are expecting our second born on April 20. Amy is about 17 weeks along now and the baby is about the size of a turnip (I have no idea if the turnip is a smaller turnip, average size or enormous; I've seen all three...but you get the point.)

This time around, we want to be surprised and have something to announce, so we are NOT finding out what we're having and we're NOT sharing names with anyone. So don't even ask! :-)

I'll keep this thing updated better as we go forth into holiday season. That's a promise!


Okay, so they're actually called 'Antiquities' and it's a great fundraiser for our local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. I've tried and tried lately to take photos of Jack and he hides from the camera when I come 'round. Decided to give the Antiquities people a shot.
There was a fourth pose I paid exorbitant amounts of money for, but Granny Janny took that 8x10 already. I'll scan it later...