Saturday, September 30

Saturday Evenin'

Someone on TV said something about a 'knuckle sandwich.' Pretty good, I must say...

"Somewhere in a galaxy far far away."

Jack practices his in-yo'-face-sucka touchdown dance...just in case.

I'm a happy boy I am.

Daddy makes me giggle and wiggle when he sings to me.

Prediction Addiction

This is "snot" a laughing matter... (Click on the picture and see Jack's snot rocket!)
He predicts the Husker game today will end with the following score:
Nebraska 35
Kansas 10

Thumb Sucker

Pacifiers are for boys who haven't found their thumbs yet.

Typical Morning

I'm all dressed up and ready to go to Laurie's house!

Can I just go back to bed, Daddy?

I'll just rest my eyes a little bit...

Jack & Jake

My Uncle Jake and I are becoming really good buddies.

Dexter doesn't like all the attention I get.

Wednesday, September 27

I'm So Darn Cute!

If you look at my left cheek, you'll see a little dimple!

Have you seen prettier eyes?

Carseat Coverup

Here I am in my carseat, peeking out at the world.

Look at my eyelashes!


That was then...
...and this is now!

Monday, September 25

Cousins Cuz We Have Fun

Bunch of cuties: Peyton Elisabeth, Matthew Jared, Nathan Lyn, Tori Rae, Jack Parker, Luke Carson.
Jack Parker and Nathan Lyn.

Jack awake; Nate not.
Can you imagine the mayhem when these three are mobile next summer?

Jack loves it when he gets together with the other babies.

Hangin' With Grand Pappy V

The debut of my Vrbi tongue.

Nothin's more fun than hangin' with Gramps.

"You are kidding me, Gramps. He put the oil in through the dipstick?!"

It's all fun and games until someone gets barfed on.

Sunday, September 24

I'm Back!

Sorry it's been so long since I yakked at y'all, but it's been a crazy week(end). We went to visit family and it was a blast! I have lots and lots of stories and pictures to share, but since some of you haven't seen me in almost a week, I wanted to give you a reminder of how stinkin' cute I am. I'll post a lot more this week; I promise!

-- JP

Monday, September 18

Showing Off

Bopping Around On My Boppy

Me And My Peeps

Missy and me.

Jake and Jack.

Wash Day

Just before my Monday morning bath.
I'm filling out nicely, huh?


I sleep better in Daddy's arms.

And ya just gotta snuggle whitcha mama...

Jack's Boy Cousins

Luke doesn't like to have his picture taken, but Uncle Dave managed to snap this one. He had to bribe the little guy a bit though.

Nathan Lyn Blackman

Another big day for Nate.

While Luke shuns it, Matthew enjoys his time in front of the camera.

Baby Buddha.

Uncle Dave, may I have your attention, please?

Smiley guy.

The Vrbi made a trip back to McCook for the weekend, but not until Saturday. We were loading the car Friday night when a wicked storm breezed through. After being sent to the basement by the tornado sirens and getting smacked by golfball-sized hail, the Vrbi decided to hit the highway the next day and enjoyed time with their families. We saw a lot of people over the weekend, but one very important one: little Nathan. We got to meet him Saturday afternoon/evening and he was even cuter than his pictures. He was well worth the trip. We also hung out at Uncle Joe's for the game and saw Aunt Heidi's renovations on her house. We also stayed with Granny Janny and met her very nice friend, Rick. Jack enjoyed the weekend and even though we didn't get pictures of everyone else, we thought we'd showcase Jack's three boy cousins because they're so darn cute! Sorry if we missed you this weekend, but we were so busy running all over the place, we didn't know whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts! We'll see you again soon though...

Until then, enjoy the site!