Sunday, June 29

Studious Maximus

Jack got ahold of my glasses the other morning. If it weren't for the binky, I'd say he could pass for a grad student...

Congrats, Nanci and Jay!

(Yes, the camera smudge is back!)
We got to meet our newest friend Jace yesterday after hanging out downtown. He is adorb!
Here is Jay with his firstborn. He is taking to the whole 'daddy' thing like a natural!

We made sure Jack wore his "I wasn't born yesterday" shirt since Jace was, in fact, born the day before. We're clevs.

Amy and one of her bestest friend's son. She was going crazy all week, ready for Nanci to have the baby! She called me several times over the past two weeks and would say "I called Nanci earlier but she hasn't called me back. I bet she's in labor!" To which I would ask how long ago she called and she would say "more than an hour ago!" Thanks, Nanci, for finally having your baby! I also got to hold Jace but the camera batteries died by then...

Celebrating Our City's Diverse Ethnic Heritage Through Thrillseeking Adventure

We trotted on down to the Ethnic Festival yesterday after our garage sale and before going to visit Jace and seeing the movie "Wall-E" (yeah, we like to cram everything into 1 day). We noticed these ponies but didn't think Jack would want to take part. Boy, were we wrong! Mr. Independent would barely even let me walk beside him.
He kept saying "ya! ya!" like a cowboy, making horse sounds and saying "thanks, horse". I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a pony. Pish posh...
I ignored his blatant requests not to be joined on his ride. Then we went down the mega slide...four times.
And something got on our camera lens. We didn't notice so the next couple of photos will have a smudge. Sorry!
After the slide, we enjoyed Indian tacos, chicken-on-a-stick, funnel cakes and listened to some music. We even saw our good friend Scott Kleeb again! He remembered Jack from the caucus. How could you forget a face like that?

Sunday, June 22

Our Trip To Des Moines

We went to Des Moines for grandpa's visitation. We kinda forgot to take very many photos while there. Maybe Susan has some (hint hint).
Here is Jack 'driving' our car.
Then he hit up Grandma to let him drive hers. Did she give in?
She sure did!
Helping with the garden.
Amy's cousin Kaylee pulling weeds by the tomatoes.
Jack met the neighbors' granddaughter, Samantha. They ran a lot and I didn't get really any pictures. Ooops.
Granny Janny and Great-Grandma Edna. They look nothing alike.
And grandma getting plants ready for us to take home. How cool is it that Susan grows her own garden plants with her greenhouse lights in her basement?!'

Dave Ja Vu Update

Yeah, it seems crazy for me to update my other blog, twice in one week, but I did.

This one is inspired by Amy's grandpa.

Saturday, June 21

Hail? Yes.

Our yard took a beating the other day when a short but hail-acious storm blew through. My garden is a little worse for the wear, but it'll survive.

Plop, plop.
Yes, that's a tractor tire. Don't ask.
Everything's coming up daisies 'round here.

Palisade Pioneer Days--A Week Later...

We forgot our camera for our trip to Palisade, but Missy was kind enough to share her photos with us. Okay, truthfully, I stole them off her blog. Thanks, Miss!
Here's Grandma Elaine hanging with Jake, Nate and Luke--three of her five great-grandsons.

My dad drove Peyton in the parade. She was chosen as Miss Poppy for the American Legion Auxiliary. I think my dad had to do the lion's share of the candy throwing from what I could see...
Amy, Jack and I getting ready for the parade. Jack loved it!
Going after the candy with Matt and Luke.
Jack was probably watching his uncle act like a very heinous hood ornament. (My Broseph went through the parade in drag to advertise the "Guys As Gals" softball game in the park later.)
Yeah, that's my brother, Josephina.

My cousin Vanessa brought Addison this weekend too! It was great to see them again and to hang out with them! They're such fun.
Missy hosted a belated party for Jack's birthday on Sunday, before we took off for Des Moines.
Here, Jack shows Tori how to play with trucks.
Addison and her dad at Jack's party. She is ALL personality.
Jack with his cake.

The chaos.
Jack gave everyone a hug and said 'thanks'. Here, he hugs Grandma Mary Lou for giving him a car from my grandpa's collection of toy cars. He loves the car, for the record! That also gave Grammy Tami a chance to steal another hug too! Everyone wins!

I stole this photo from Mindy's blog. We were getting ready to go down to the ballpark for that insanity. Jack and I decided it was a good time to 'rastle.
And I saved the best for last. When we first got there, I noticed the ugliest dress and had to know who was wearing it. Sure enough, it was my cousin Andrew in this glorious housedress. Gorge, Andrew!

Wednesday, June 18

Dave Ja Vu Update

I finally got around to updating my 'other' blog while we were away for a while. For those of you without the link, here it is:

Enjoy! It's a doozy.

Sunday, June 15

In Loving Memory

Great Grandpa George passed away Friday evening. We got the call while on our way to Palisade for the weekend. Granny Janny told us to continue our sojourn and to enjoy the weekend in Palisade. We are having a birthday party for Jack today at Missy's then heading to Des Moines.
We will all miss Grandpa very much, but we're thankful his suffering has finally ended.

Tuesday, June 10

Pool Cue

We've had this pool, purchased from a garage sale for a buck, since 2006. It got a little use last year. But judging from the look on this kid's face, it'll get some use this summer!

Re-dic Predicts

The Fetus Whisperer is now 12 for 14 at this point, after predicting two girls and sticking by his guns!

My boss, Ashley, and her hubby recently added a girl to their fam. Jayda was born on Friday, and in true Fetus Whisperer fashion, I predicted a girl for her and Steve the first day I met her. I'm that good!

And yesterday we got word that my Broseph and Jack's Aunt Sarah are adding another girl. According to the ultrasound, Peyton will be the oldest of two girls! Yay!

Man, the medical community could save millions each year by utilizing my talents!

Sunday, June 8

The Second Birthday Fun Time Post

The sign says it all...
I see it, but I don't believe it...sigh...
Proud of his sign.
Chillin' on m' birthday...keepin it real...binky and all...
TiLynn made the most awesome cake for the birthday boy. She's so good to us!

Side note: We weren't sure if we'd be in Des Moines this weekend or not, but TiLynn wanted to make Jack a cake for this birthday, and who were we to turn down an offer like that? Then we realized that she was making this big cake and we didn't have anyone to eat it all and it would be sad if we didn't share the cake, so we called up some buddies last minute! We figured we were here, we'd throw something together and just have some friends in the park. Very last minute. And very fun indeed.
Is that not a-DORA-ble? It looked and tasted great! Then we demolished it!
Jack and Dora.
Eating cake and ice cream in the park.
Owen strollin'...(say that ten times really fast)!
Sean helping Jack up the step. I don't know who that other kid was standing there, but he was a bit 'creep' and had no adult supervision.
Jack enjoyed the wooden bridge immensely. He and his buds played on it forev.

Jack and his pretty mommy.
Owen and Jen. I think her shirt is in reference to the fact that they have a 7 week old too...
O and Jack.
What a great birthday!
Owen, Sean, Ryan and Jack muscle for rank on the bridge.
Sean gives it a good run.
Then Ryan had at it.
Jack and I snuck off for a bit and I snapped some photos of him being silly.

Jack made sure to give every kid at the party a hug as they left. Ryan was first.
Then Sean.
Thanks, Owen F.

And thank you too, Owen H. Jack was very gracious to his guests, making his dad very proud.
Thanks, O, for the big bag o' goodies! Well done!
And other O, we already read the book tonight!
When we got home, Daddy and Mommy gave Jack his gifts: a new sandbox and a roller coaster. Stay tuned for the vid of the roller coaster. This thing is fun!

Here's a photo of it, but it doesn't to it justice.
This is in our front yard perennial bed.
What a cute boy.
Jack helped me plant some annuals in the perennial bed. Yeah, we like to mix and match.
What a helper!

All in all, a great second birthday!