Thursday, June 29

Comments Section Open for Bizness

Alright, y'all! The comments section is completely open for all members of the Peanuts gallery to leave comments for my 'rents about how cute I am. I know I told you I got it up and going in my letter, but it turns out my little fingers didn't click on the right button. I got it going now though, so leave your comments!

Peace out, m' ninjas...


Wednesday, June 28

More Miscellaneous Jack-Jack Pix

Sunday, June 25

Jack-Jack Gets His First Bath

Thursday, June 22

Dog Pile on Mommy

Yes, Jack DOES have a Mommy. Here she is with her babies.

Livin' Lavida Loca At Casa De Vrbi

What a day...

Jack isn't the only one getting shut-eye.

Eyes wide open.

Jack-Jack and Granny Janny.

Sleepy boy.

Sleep Like An Egyptian

Auntie Nanny

Tuesday, June 20

A Letter From Baby Jack

Greetings from my house to yours!
Well, here I am at 12 days old and I have already experienced sooo much already.
For one, I've learned how to feed from my mama and that is going very well. Someday, I will have gained back all the weight I lost after being borned, and when that day comes, I'll be a little pudgemuffin. Not that I'm not cute enough already (from what I've heard anyway; I can't say for sure because my eyesight is pretty much walleye vision right now).
Numero dos (yes, I'm still speaking Spanish): My umbilical cord is hanging on by a stinky little weird, creepy mushy thread right now. It was bleeding the other day and it really freaked Mommy out. She called Daddy on his way to Sears (yes, Sears) and he had to come back. Granted, it WAS creepy as all-get-out.
I'm doing pretty much all the things newborns do at this point. The four D's: Dozing, Dookying, Drinking and Delighting Those Around Me. I've met so many people and there are so many more to meet.
I met one of my great-grandmas the day after I was born and will see the other three in July.
My grandparents, aunts and uncles have all been to see me and the verdict is in: I'm a hit! My four grandparents all saw me the day I was born, and Mommy and Daddy were very happy to have them there. So was I. Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Tami stayed around for a couple days to housesit for Mom and Dad when they were at Mary Lanning.
I met Aunt Missy and Uncle Jake the day after I was born; Aunt Emily the next day; and Uncle Dan, Uncle Joe, Aunt Heidi and Aunt Sarah all the next week. They are so fun and they really know how to spoil me. I'm looking forward to using that to my benefit in the future.
I've also met all my cousins too: Tori, Luke, Peyton, Matthew, and I get to meet Kenna the weekend of Independence Day. That's also when I get to meet Grandma Bev, Grandpa Cy and Grandma Mary Lou and all the other fun aunts and uncles and second cousins! It's so nice to have company at the house too; otherwise I'd be bored with just my Mom and Pops to entertain me.
Some of the guests we've had are Uncle Joe's family; Heidi; Craig and Rebecca; Jen and Lynn and my good friend Owen Jacob; Aunt Nancy, Andy and Sabrina; Glenette; Grandpa Tom, Dan, and Jake; and Emily. And, of course, Granny Janny has been around A LOT keeping my parents sane. She is a big help and we appreciate her company and assistance.
I've met many other people, too, don't get me wrong. My Mom and Pops know some very kind, generous and loving folks.
My appointment with Dr. Steinke is this coming Friday. Hopefully the report is that my jaundice is getting a little better and that I'm closer to my birth weight! My yellowness is waning now and Pops weighs me himself. After he steps on the scale and finishes crying, he steps on with me and the scale tells him how much I weigh. I am gaining. Slowly.
Pops and Mommy are getting along pretty well. They are so nervous about everything I do. One night after we had all four (Dex included) had retreated to Mom and Pops' room and were nearly asleep, I let out a giant fluff and they thought I was choking. They both bounded out of bed and there I was, smiling away in my bassinet. It was hilarious. For me anyway. Pops said he gets a pit in his stomach every time they lay me down to sleep. I'm going to take that as a compliment, I guess. They need to worry much less, but I secretly like the fact that they're high-strung and love me so much they don't even want to hear me hiccup and fart because it scares the bejesus out of them.
Pops is busy in the yard as usual. His garden and yard is looking really good this year, thanks also to the help of Granny Janny. His yard has come a long way. He and Granny are going to plant this evening in the front yard in the spot where the well was dug earlier this year. The leftover mound of dirt and dead grass has been making my Pops a stressed-out freakshow since March.
Mom is doing well with the breastfeeding thing, though she comments that she feels like a cow--only good for milking. She knows she's so much more than that to me. Really, Ma. C'mon. She's healing up awesomely from the Caesarian Section and will able to start driving on Thursday again. I think that'll be a good thing because being confined to the house does not suit her very well.
And Dex. It was a very high-intensity moment when the two of us met and the Vrbi were afraid they'd have to send him away to Aunt Emily's house or Uncle Dan's house, but things have settled down and my presence has been enough to give Dex a hint of calm. He's done really well and we get along just fine. Was there any doubt? (The answer is YES. There was. A Lot.)
I'm still in Just Born clothing and I think Ma is ready for me to start wearing outfits. Soon enough, Ma, soon enough!
Anyway, stay tuned to this spot for more cute pictures of yours truly. I'll be hamming it up and posing away for the 'rents. Fo' sho' (as Aunt Sarah would say).
Catcha laters alligators,


PS -- Starting with this post right here, you are now able to place comments about how stinking cute I am! If you'd like to place a comment, just click on the comments link at the bottom of each post, tell us what you think and you'll be asked to enter the letters and numbers you see in a box. (That's only to verify that a person is typing the comments and not a machine.) I'm only 12 days old and already a techno-genius!

Saturday, June 17

Miscellaneous Happy Pix

White legs are ha-larious!
(Check out the dimples on that Haag descendant!)

Peyton kisses.

Grandpa Tom's first grandbaby.

Uncle Dan and Jack.

Stretching out and getting situated for more sleep...

Whatchu lookin' at?

Tuesday, June 13

A Hodgepodge of Pics

Monday, June 12

One-Eyed Jack

Wink, wink...

Professor Dexter Beansprout

Watching Jack and deliberating...

Manic Monday


Sunday, June 11

Brand New Baby Boy

Riding in style.

I have socks on my hands and I'm NOT happy about it!

Daddy kisses.

Burp time.

Kealeigh and Auntie Em inspect the little one.

Whassup, m' ninjas?

Three of five cousins.

Bundle of Joy

"Jack, Jake. Jake, Jack."

Craig, Rebecca, Jack and Baby Greenbean (in Rebecca's tum-tum).

Tummy time!

Sacked out.