Wednesday, March 28

Crawling Flipbook Scroll-Thru

Howdy, y'all. My dad was trying to figure out how to post video, but alas, cannot get it done. So we decided to post the next best thing. Press on your browser arrow and scroll down to see how well I'm doing with the crawling thing! Mommy and Daddy put me on the floor on Monday night and I was all over the place. Mommy said it was like a lightbulb came on and away I went. I have no idea what this 'lightbulb' thing is, but I do love the lamp cords around the house. I bet my Mommy and Daddy take them away soon though! Darn it...

Sunday, March 25

'Round 'Round Get Around, I Get Around

Okay, so I am pretty much over my nasty illness, and I thought since I was feeling so good today, I'd start crawling, pulling myself up on stuff, etc...
It started out like any other experience. My daddy put me down on the floor in my room, thinking he could get some organization and safety measures taken since it appeared as though I might be crawling very soon.
Well, he sat me down in the middle of the room and in a couple seconds, I was under the table. This would not turn out to be a typical day where I just rolled around a little and got into a couple things. Oh no...
I started crawling a little bit; maybe not enough to get all worked up about, but it was crawling nonetheless...
Then I showed Daddy and Mommy that I could go from lying on my belly to sitting up. Something pretty new to me!
Then, as you are witnessing for yourself, I started to pull myself up on stuff.
I emptied off the shelves and went for the cords under the table. They were quickly removed (both the table because I was going to bonk my head, and the cords; an outlet plug was quickly applied.)
After Mommy put all my blankies back on the shelf, I went back to emptying it off again.
I'm a big goof!
I know you've been waiting for some crawling, my wonderful parents, but were you expecting a little bit today already? Fooled you?!

Here's me reaching for that table again...
And I pulled myself up there...
My daddy got a box of plastic things out of the closet! What is it, dude?
Then he told me about all the stuff inside it and how it was going to keep me from getting hurt. So thoughtful!
Then I got into mischief and the bedroom playdate was pretty much over for all of us!

38.2 Down!

I know I keep reminding you to check it out, but here is the address again for our weight loss challenge! We're now down 38.2 pounds (together) since starting this thing, and since Jack was born, we've lost 60+ pounds together! Hope you recognize us when you see us next!

Friday, March 23

I Don't Feel So Good

When I feel poopy, all I want is my mommy.
And some good sleep...
And maybe a little nap here and there...
Jack is doing better, folks, but he's had a rough several days. We've kept him hydrated (thanks to orange PediaLyte; he hates the original flavor) and he's got plenty of sleep, and is recovering well. He had Daddy on Tuesday for his regular day off, Mommy the next two days and Daddy again on Friday because Mommy had to go to work. He was more active today, getting all fours and actually doing some crawling, but still has awesomely awful diarrhea. No vomiting anymore, but his diaper this afternoon didn't quite hold all the stuff and the foot of his sleeper filled up with poo. Let's just say we took that sleeper out with the garbage. This afternoon, Daddy started disinfecting the whole house (which may have been in vain if you read anything about the virus on the other website; it's a hardy sonofagun!)
Thanks for rooting for Jack-Jack to get better. He's feeling like himself much more everyday.

Wednesday, March 21

Sick, Sick Boy

We just wanted to let everyone know that we just got confirmation from the doctor that Jack has rotavirus.
He is wiped out, throwing up and has bad diarrhea. He is having a hard time keeping anything down for more than three minutes. Mommy is home with him today watching him to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. He can't go back to daycare until Monday at the very earliest.
Keep him (and us) in your prayers and for more information on the virus, here is a link:
-- Daddy

Two Late Grandma Birthday Wishes...

Happy Birthday, Grammy Tami on March 12th!

And happy birthday to Granny Janny on March 16th!

Sorry, Grammy Tami and Granny Janny. We talked to you on your birthdays, but forgot to give you a shout-out on the website! Better late than never, huh?

Tuesday, March 20

Tori's First Prom

Jack's cousins Tori and Peyton before Tori's first prom.
Tori and her date, Daniel.
And later at the school! They had a great time.
Tori got her dress here at the mall after her Mom and Uncle Dave made her try on about 45 of them. She found the perfect one, but we still made her try on more. It was exhausting...

Uncle Jake

My Daddy put my hair in a faux hawk for Uncle Jake.
And then I showed him how skinny I am.
And then I attacked him and pinned him down for a sec.
Sorry to beat up on ya, Unca.
Then we all went for a nice walk around the park. It was a great day!

Okay, I have been trying to post these pictures all day, so forgive the captions! Our internet connection today is incredibly crappy, so it took all day to get these puppies on here! I'll post photos of Tori at prom later when I have much more patience!

Friday, March 16

Spring is Just 'Round the Corner!

Tuesday was a great day! Weather in the 80s here!
Jack hasn't had a lot of outside time yet (born in June, most of the weather last summer was far too hot for a newborn), so he LOVED sitting on his blankie in the sun the other day.
Hey, daddy-o!
Gotta roll over to the sunlight...
Then, when I got inside, I got stripped down and played with my puppy.
And I rolled and scooted a bunch.
And then I pondered crawling...
And then I practiced the preliminary stages of crawling.

All in all, a great pre-Spring day!