Sunday, January 21

Trying Out The New Cam

You get some bonus pix today because we were trying out our new Canon camera this evening! We think the camera is a lot easier to use. Enjoy!

What a dang cutie!

Jack hangs out in his exersaucer.
Jump around...jump up, jump up and get down!
I can't think of a caption...wait...nope...nothing...
I'm not a betting man, but I'd put money on this picture being in the Top 52 Photos of 2007 series somewhere! He looks exactly like his Mommy did in her baby photos, but with chubbier cheeks like Daddy! WHAT A CUTE KID!
Whassup, Daddy-o!

Jack's teeth were obviously bugging him a bit because he was a bear this evening! Yikes. The funny thing about Jack though is that even when he's grouchy you can still get him to giggle and belly laugh!
Exhibit B: Jack with his teething toy.
"Excuse us, ma'am. You're interrupting the Boyz Club meeting." More exersaucer photos. I think I'm going to stop photographing him there for a while now. K?
Okay, one more.
Friendly reminder: Thursday is the day The Vrbi goes invite-only!


Susan said...

I thought your pictures looked like they were a better quality. The color was really vivid. Fun to have, huh?
Hope you are all feeling better.