Wednesday, January 31

Grandma's In Da Hiz-Ouse!

See, Grams, this is how you read a book...

I really, really want to chew on this book.

Grammy Tami's in town this week taking care of me. My daycare provider, Laurie, has sick kids at home. Yes, all three of her own kids ended up with Influenza A and they feel miserable. So, we sent them some balloons and told them we'd see them next week! And, in a pinch, Grammy Tami was here to take care of little ol' me. She is staying all week to spend time with her long-distance grand-angel. We've enjoyed having her here. She's been keeping pretty good care of all of us. There's nothing like Grandma's cookin', and she even did laundry today. Now that's service!
Thanks, Grammy Tami!

A Good Old-Fashioned Sink Washin'

I'm so "GLAD" to be clean.
Num num.
I love bathing!
Hi Grandma!
Dang I'm cute.
The great thing about doing this in the sink is that I have toys in the other basin.
My pretty mommy and me.
All clean.

We Gave It A Week...


After a week of invite-only access on The Vrbi, we had to make the decision to change back to the old way. It was impossible for some folks to log on and we're not sure why. Maybe you should all call Google and complain. We did everything right on our end, you did everything right on your end, but the middle was messed up.

We'll keep you posted on what happens next--which will probably be a whole lotta nothin'.

Just sayin'. Tell all your friends! (But not too many!)

Dave, Amy & JP

Saturday, January 27

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Hmmm...quite uncanny...

A Couple Things

1. No jury duty anymore. Yay!

2. Jack has pink eye. Not yay! Probably no pictures for a couple days. He looks miserable. Poor dude.

Just keepin' you updated.

Da Management

Friday, January 26

Hangin' With Daddy on a Friday!

Everyone always talks about how much they love Fridays.
I agree, because that's the day my dad has off from work and we get to hang out together all day. Today, we went to Trade West and The Independent to visit friends, went to the post office, cleaned the house, made a healthy lunch for Mommy, my parents discovered that I have a tooth (duh! I coulda told them that!) and then we went out to Rich & Sons to see those folks. Now, I'm taking a nap so Daddy is posting this entry for me!
All in all, a great day!

Daddy and me.

Mommy came home for a healthy lunch and discovered my first tooth. Mania ensued as you can imagine!

Yeah, Mommy, there's one in there. That's why I wouldn't eat!

I was trying to drum up some business for Rich & Sons. If Daddy sells more, I get more toys!

When we got home from R&S, I passed out. Daddy has to call the jury hotline in a little bit. We'll let you know if he has to report for his final week of service!

Thursday, January 25


Glad you made it onto the site. We switched it over this morning and we feel safer already! If you know of anyone having trouble getting in, let us know!

There are some folks that will get invites later tonight because they're on the home computer. Tell them to hold on tight. The invite is a little late!

Welcome, and please enjoy your visit!

All our love,

Dave, Amy & Jack Parker

Tuesday, January 23

When Daddies Feed Babies

Mommy had just given Jack-Jack a bath and since he refuses bottles now, Daddy decided to mix his formula with cereal. After it got on his hands, Daddy didn't think anything of it. Then, Jack--very cutely--started playing with his hair.

I'm sorry, Daddy...

Just Pictures

How weird. A picture of Jack smiling. Bizarre!

The quiet book worked for, like, three seconds.

When I see something I want, I get it!

Learning about shapes.

What a cute boy.

Earlier in the night, Dexter was walking around beside Jack and he could not stop laughing. He thinks Dexy is the funniest thing he's ever seen! The other day, he reached over to Dex and yanked out a clump of his fur. Dex does not shed so you can imagine how hard he pulled. Dex didn't even budge an inch. He loves his Jack!

Monday, January 22

Are They Up For The Challenge?

The "Dave & Amy Challenge" is on.

Read the first post--at the very bottom of the page--first or you'll get all confused and annoyed.

Sunday, January 21

Trying Out The New Cam

You get some bonus pix today because we were trying out our new Canon camera this evening! We think the camera is a lot easier to use. Enjoy!

What a dang cutie!

Jack hangs out in his exersaucer.
Jump around...jump up, jump up and get down!
I can't think of a caption...wait...nope...nothing...
I'm not a betting man, but I'd put money on this picture being in the Top 52 Photos of 2007 series somewhere! He looks exactly like his Mommy did in her baby photos, but with chubbier cheeks like Daddy! WHAT A CUTE KID!
Whassup, Daddy-o!

Jack's teeth were obviously bugging him a bit because he was a bear this evening! Yikes. The funny thing about Jack though is that even when he's grouchy you can still get him to giggle and belly laugh!
Exhibit B: Jack with his teething toy.
"Excuse us, ma'am. You're interrupting the Boyz Club meeting." More exersaucer photos. I think I'm going to stop photographing him there for a while now. K?
Okay, one more.
Friendly reminder: Thursday is the day The Vrbi goes invite-only!

Good News!

Just wanted to let everyone know we got our water test results back from the EPA after waiting three months. We had the new well dug in June and the reverse osmosis system installed in July. It was October before the EPA came out to take samples, and January before we go them back. Gotta love that kind of speed!
Anyway, they indicated that our water exceeds their acceptable drinking water standards. We're still going to drink from the water cooler, but that is definitely good news for us when we shower!
Just thought that would make you as happy as it made us!

Sunday Smiley Sunday

Freshly bathed and feeling good!

I adopted my Cousin Matt's hairdo for a minute!

It used to be we'd have to single the "Tickle Monster" song to get him to smile, but now all we have to do is say "Superstar" ala Mary Catherine Gallagher.

Showing off those baby blues. Again.

Finger Food

Jack reached right for his first Finger Food Fruit Puff (tm) this morning.
It was a hit!

And now on to cereal.
Thanks, Mommy and Daddy!

Sorry we didn't update very much this week. We've been busy as heck. Jack is getting over his cold, but as you can see by the photos, there are still some lingering boogs.

We're changing over to invite-only on Thursday (Cousin Larissa's birthday; though we didn't plan that!), so don't freak out when you log on and can't get right in. Just check your e-mail for an invite and register. If your name isn't on the post from the other day, make sure you let me know your e-mail address. I've updated the lists several times as new addys are sent over.

Peace out,

The Vrbi

Thursday, January 18

There Once Was A Cute Little Boy Who Caught A Bad Cold & Wouldn't Take His Bottle Much At All & Worried The Heck Out Of His Mommy & Daddy & Babysitter

We're all a tad tired tonight here at Casa De Vrbi, so forgive us for the lack of posts this week. Jack caught a nasty little cold last weekend and we're trying to get him healthy again. He refuses to take his bottle, has an icky cough and his nose is pluggered and snot-tastic.
He's been up several times every night because he won't eat during the waking hours, so he gets hungry (as you can imagine). He'll be sleeping just fine, start coughing and wake himself up. It's been a tough week for him. His mommy, daddy and daycare provider are a little worried about the lack of eating by this little man-dude-person. He's still in pretty good spirits considering...
And Daddy and Mommy are slightly exhausted.
Daddy went to Lincoln Monday night and stayed with Aunt Emily and Uncle Mike. He had to report for Federal District Jury Duty bright and early the next morning at the federal building in downtown Lincoln. He wasn't chosen for the five-day trial that would have followed jury selection, but it was still a waste of a day. He is working this Friday to cover the sales hours he missed that day. He did have a great time at Mike and Emily's though, chatting with Emberly. We'll probably do it again next week. The jury service period is over at the first of February which CANNOT come soon enough, folks.
He's started his new job and LOVES it, but is overwhelmed a bit by the amount of info an RV salesdude professional needs to learn--and he's determined to do a great job so he's working on it. He's really looking forward to the sales process. He's getting the info down but there's a lot to learn, and jury duty days off don't help matters. At all. Especially when there's not an overabundance of sleep in our house too. He really likes the folks he works with though, so that makes a difference. They're pretty dang fun! It's been a great change. It really has. And with plenty of Diet Mountain Dew, who needs sleep to function, right?
Shameless Plug Time: (By the way, if you know someone in the market for an RV, send them my way! I'll make it worth it for ya! How does a $25 gift card sound? Huh? Sound enticing? Great. It's a deal then! Send someone my way and I'll reward you accordingly--when they buy. Where else are you going to find a deal like that?)
Amy is right in the middle of progress reports and some other paperwork she was laboring over tonight. She is definitely looking forward to the weekend since we are kinda bushwacked right now. We were going to start the Dave & Amy Challenge this week (we'll give you more info on that later) but we're not in the mood. Seriously not in the mood right now.
And housework? Cooking? Fuggetaboudit!
Sleepily and somewhat wearily but definitely going to carry on and be just fine,
The Sick, The Tired and The Law