Saturday, December 1

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Well...Um...Ice

Above are some of the photos I took this morning of the ice storm that's moved in. It's been an interesting week here. First, we all came down with the stomach flu, then it was announced Thursday that the city had declared a sewer emergency (if you're asking what exactly the heck that is, you're not alone) and put a notice out that we were not to flush toilets, wash dishes or clothes, or bathe that day. One of two main sewer lines went out at the Wastewater Treatment Center so we were basically supposed to limit the amount of stuff we sent through the pipes. Needless to say, with stomach issues galore, we were unable to abide by those rules at all! Hopefully there were two families somewhere else in town who were able to completely limit their flushing to make up for us. I guess next time there's a sewer emergency (which hopefully will be NEVER) we'll have to be extra good.

Then this morning the ice came in. Hopefully the power crews won't have to be out near as long as they were last year! Granny Janny was nice enough to drop off some firewood for us when she drove through from Lincoln yesterday--just in case we lost power. She put it on the step and left because she didn't want to see us. Hmmmppphhh. Can't say I blame her!

We'll post more this weekend with some pictures of Jack.