Wednesday, December 12

Predictions Percentage Increases

Well, it looks as though my Fetal Gender Identification Prediction Correspondence Course has really paid off. This afternoon, Craig and Becs had their baby and, as predicted by yours truly, it was a boy! You'll remember that I checked my ever-increasing gut the other day and realized a girl it was not to be.
Cara was on the phone with Amy tonight and asked when I became the "fetus whisperer"! Too funny, Cara, too funny...
So far the tally:
Cara and Aaron: BOY--Correct!
Vanessa and Scott: GIRL--Correct!
Jen and Lynn: BOY--Correct!
Jaime and Eric: GIRL--Correct!
Craig and Rebecca: BOY--Correct!
Missy and Jared: GIRL--WRONG!
That puts my guesses at an 83% clip! Darn you, Missy and Jared!
And I have one other prediction, with two more on the way soon:
Tina and Dan: A girl for big-sis Gretchen to play with. They tried to find out during an ultry many months ago, but 'she' was uncooperative. Should know this one any day now!