Thursday, December 20

A Christmas Break

The holiday cards were sent today. We opted not to do a newsletter this year, but the card more than makes up for it. Just'll see why!

We are heading for Des Moines tomorrow afternoon. Our mission is to beat the snow. The wind? Not so much. I hear it picking up now. 'Tis Nebraska after all!

Merry Christmas! We'll post more after we return Christmas Day!

The Vrbi


charlie said...

Have a safe trip!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Staab Boys said...

Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk before you left. Have a safe trip and a happy holiday. See you when we get back.

Tony, Melissa, Sean & Ryan

Peyton's Place said...

Have a safe trip! Have a merry Christmas & hope to see you soon! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great trip to Iowa. We left on Friday (our first ear infection and all) and made it to our Iowa destination in 8 hours due to some heavy fog. Sunday we saw 17 cars in the ditch. DARN IOWA! lol Johnny did sport his Obamma Oeight shirt almost the entire time we traveled. lol We loved Jacks picture!!! Merry xmas!

Happy new year,
Nate, Kimi, and Johnny