Thursday, December 27

Christmas In Des Moines, Part 1

The first of two big Christmas din-dins. Yum yum.
And the first of about a million holiday smiles! Here, he was wrastlin' with his Uncle Jake.
Playing with Uncle Dan. Not sure who's sillier.
Lookin' good, boys...lookin' good...
He built the blocks up, then pushed them over and one hit Jake in the eye. Brutal! You got served, Jake!
Buildin' with one of a bajillion gifts.
Relaxin' with Gramps.
Contact! But where's that tongue?
No steroids were involved in the making of this blog post.
What?! Don't act like you've never seen an 18 month old put stuff on his dad's eyes so he'll say 'Take Me To Your Leader' in his crazy robot alien Dad voice...

Hey battah, battah, battah...swing!
Hugs for Dad.
Ka-boom! I found this set of nesting blocks and knew they'd be perfect for a Santa gift! Jack completely loves them, and more than anything, knocking them down!
Classic Jack smile.
Smiles for miles. He was in such a good mood all weekend. And needless to say, the center of all attention.

In "The Charlie Brown Christmas Special," Jack was the understudy for anyone Charlie called a 'blockhead'. Ba-dum-ching!
After bruisin' the blocks, Jack was looking mighty tough.
Judo CHOP!
Build 'em up just to knock 'em down. The Spears family knows the feeling...
Hmm...what's this I can destroy?!

Thanks to Aunt Susan's spectacular photography, we have a lot of photos of Christmas and I'm having a really hard time choosing which ones to scrap since they're all so great. So, I decided I'll give you Christmas in Des Moines in three installments for the next three days! It took me a while to get these uploaded because when Charter unhooked our cable TV (yay! it's gone, and we really haven't even noticed!), they messed up our internet connection. Crikey! I just got it re-established, so you'll be getting a heckuvalotta the Vrbi the next couple days!