Wednesday, December 12

Drink of Milk, Signing, Slapping Himself, Pointing To Body Parts, Playing Peekaboo--And Other Assorted Kid Tricks

Thanks to Baby Einstein and Mommy, the rubbing of hands together is the sign for "all done". Occasz he'll just say it, but since he's not big on that, we need some communication other than just tossing food on the floor! He clams up a bit when the cam is on, so hopefully someday we'll hide it and get some vids of him actually saying more words than just 'ear'! He's getting quite a vocab really! Who would have thought after having that thing all up in his grill for the first 18 months of his life he'd actually become camera shy?!


The Maris' said...

He does not look very camera shy to me:)
He is just far toooooooo cute!!