Tuesday, December 4

Dave Ja Vu: Anew

Thanks For This Thankfulness
Part Three

Blogs and MySpace. Everyone and their dog has a blog. (I smell a great new country song there!) I am so thankful that the blog thing has caught on with so many people I know. I'd like to think I'm a pioneer for getting everyone into this thing, but it was bound to catch on quickly anyway. I am so thankful that I can keep up with what is going on in other people's lives by logging on to their blogs and viewing photos, reading humorous stories about their lives, and being able to interact with them on their posts. I know some blogs can be annoying and are responsible for 75% of the Britney/Lindsay/Paris trifecta of celebrity gossip, but I avoid those like the plague anyway.

And now, on to MySpace. Simply put, I was VERY dead set against setting up this page because I felt the blog was good enough. Then, my sister and sister-in-law convinced me otherwise. I set up my own page and within a week I had connected to people I hadn't seen since high school 12 years ago and college 8 years ago! And ALL of those correspondences have been very positive and I've rekindled a lot of friendships I really missed. Thanks, MySpace! You're annoyingly, time-consumingly awesome! And thanks, Sarah and Missy, for convincing me I needed this diversion from reality. (I did.)

Funny people. I love people who don't take themselves or anything else too seriously, which is why I love all the irreverent peeps who keep me constantly laughing with very intelligent, splitgut humor. Amy, Sarah, Heidi, Andrea, Matt, Aaron, Tina, Jen B, Emily, Tina Fey and Neil Patrick Harris stand out a bit, but there are so many more who've cracked me up royally this year. And to all of you, I say a big hearty 'thanks a mil.' I loves me some comic relief. (And if you're not on this list, don't freak out. I still think you're a gas!)


Peyton's Place said...

Well, thanks Dave! And I would just like to say that life would be rather hum drum without you! Seriously...

I'm loving this "Thankful" stuff!

Luv ya',

Wheelers said...

I totally agree on the blog/MySpace thing. It's so much fun to be able to find people you haven't seen in ages & keep up with friend's lives!