Friday, December 28

Christmas In Des Moines, Part 2

The toddler markers were also a gift from Mom and Dad. Jack loved them.
See how well he writes his own name? Amazing, huh?!
What do you mean 'Christmas is almost over'...?
See and Say. Pretty much sums up Jack's existence right now!
Uncle Dan and Aunt Amber got Jack a music table for their little nephew, Mr. Happy Feet. Long story...I'll fill ya in later...
We all chipped in and got Granny Janny a camera. Obvs she loves it!
And I don't remember who got her this little salsa dish with removal sombrero spoon, but it was also appreciated much.
...And we never heard from Emily again that weekend...hee hee...
Vanna White, Granny Janny and Amber check out the candles.
Mike got an awesome sweatshirt from Granny Janny. You're welcome, Mike, for making Janny stop and get us firewood when we were puking because we were afraid the power would go out with the ice storm and making her go to Orscheln's where she found that sweatshirt after going to many other stores looking for firewood but being unable to find any anywhere else but Orscheln's where she found your awesome sweatshirt. I feel like it was a gift from me really. But it wasn't...long story...and now you pretty much know it!


Staab Boys said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. We'll see you when we get back.