Monday, December 10

Biggest Baby Blitz Ev!

The chances are pretty good that if you're reading this, you're pregnant. You may not be aware of this, but if you're one of our friends or family members, you're automatically 'with child'. So if you weren't aware of the fact that you're expecting, let me be the first to tell you.
All kidding aside, we (and one other family waiting for a chance to have a summer baby because of our wives' occupasz) are the lone unpreggies in a world full of expectant families! Okay, maybe not, but it seems like it. And while we are adamant about waiting until the perfect time to conceive, we (okay, just me really) are having severe baby fever!
In fact, and we think this is probably a world record of sorts, but we have 13 friends and family members who are pregnant right now! Here is a list of those we can formally announce and our predictions about what they're having:
Rebecca and Craig: We predicted girl before, but we're no switching to boy. Dax will have a baby brother soon (so we think)! Kudos to Craig and Becs for having the strength not to find out! We know we couldn't do it!
Cara and Aaron: We predicted boy before and turns out the ultrasound confirmed our suspicions. We have very few days to find out if technology and The Vrbi were correct in our predictions, but we're feeling very confident that Cam will be welcoming a baby bro very soon!
Missy and Jared: We guessed girl before the ultrasound and turns out we were wrong. I should have guessed boy cuz that's what my gut said (yes, it talks to me; usually something about brownies)...dang it! So, a boy (Jacob?) will be joining Luke, Matthew and Nathan in the Blackman zoo very soon! Yay!
Vanessa and Scott: My cousin will be having her first and we predicted girl for her. The ultrasound agreed! We are very excited for her arrival!
Trish and Reagan: We guessed girl earlier and we're sticking to that prediction! We'll find out in February!
Jaime and Eric: Though we didn't make it public, we were guessing on a girl for them, and the ultry agreed! Let's hope all the pink stuff matches the baby!
Jen and Lynn: They have Owen now and we are predicting another boy for them. It's a gut feeling...can't explain it... Owen could teach a baby bro a lot of cool things!
Nanci and Jay: We cannot explain our excitement for these two. They're going to make great parents to a baby...GIRL is what we predict! A girl that is extremely athletic and will probably eventually play Husker volleyball if she takes after her 'rents!
Melissa and Jack (Jack's daycare friend's parents): I am predicting a baby brother for Makenna.
Ashley and Steve (my boss and her hubby): There is no doubt in my mind that Emerson will have a baby sister to play with in May. I even bet that at work.
Jaime and Jason: This is by far the most exciting for us. They are expecting twins and we could not be more stoked for them. I am predicting a Lil Jason and Lil Jaime, a boy and a girl.
Now, there are a couple more, but we are sworn to secrecy on those, and we have a couple peeps trying right now too, so more announcements to come fo' sho! We'll keep you posted on my fearless predictions, which right now have all been correct (save for my sister...MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD! Oh, the humanity...)!
Congrats, one and all! We couldn't be more excited (and only slightly envious) for you!


charlie said...

let me first say...WOW!!!
goodness gracious!!!
by the way you are not the only envious person...What is it the water? Please share :)

Blecha Family 4 said...

"The chances are pretty good that if you're reading this, you're pregnant."
Dear Dave,
Some of us reading this are not pregnant, nor do we wish to be pregnant (though I seem to be the only one), as our families are complete. Translation: No more babies for us, take your voodoo magic somewhere else, Mr. Pitter-Patter.
-The Blechas

Blecha Family 4 said...

But TOTALLY congrats to everyone who is expecting, because babies are the BEST!

Dave said...

Jen Jen Jen,

WOW. I figured I'd strike a nerve for some folks, but I always pictured you and Joel with like six or seven kids. What up?!

(Your reaction seriously made Amy and I laugh...hard...and we're sprinkling baby dust your way...good luck!)

BTW, we seriously need to make a trip to KC so Jack and Jericho can hang...oh yeah and us too...(but we no longer matter)

Blecha Family 4 said...

I would love if you guys come come our way - maybe this summer. That would be fab.
I'll be home for Christmas (stop singing in your head). I'll have the kids in tow and we'll be there all week.
I'll try to get in touch with you while we're back.
Email me your celly and we'll hook up.