Thursday, December 13

Dave Ja Vu: Anew

The Brain Freeze Edition

Years ago, when I worked at the newspaper in my surrogate hometown of Wauneta, I launched an annual tradition that lasted exactly one year. It was a quiz, called The Brain Freeze, and it involved a slug of questions about the events of the year gone by--written by yours truly, so you know it was 'interesting'! Well, since I'm no longer working there (and yes, I STILL miss it if you're wondering), I thought it'd be fun to do a Very Vrbi Brain Freeze with questions about our lives (plus my good buddy Jen did this on her blog and it was mucho fun, so I'm half-stealing it--but only it doesn't count). Some of these questions will be very difficult so you might strike out on a couple. But I've tossed in a few softballs here and there for good measure. Answers will be coming in a day...or so...just stay tuned...

1. In what city (on Earth) was Dave born?
a. Chuckleberry Falls, Minnesota
b. Lincoln, Nebraska
c. Waukegan, Illinois
d. Oahu, Hawaii

2. In which city was Amy born?
a. Lincoln, Nebraska
b. Grand Island, Nebraska
c. Duluth, Minnesota
d. Des Moines, Iowa

3. In which city was Jack born?
a. Aurora
b. Kearney
c. Hastings
d. GI

4. In what annual contest was Dave able to flex his 'skillz' as a youth?
a. Punt, Pass and Kick
b. Hoop It Up
c. The County Spelling Bee
d. Palisade Pickle Flicking Contest

5. What children's show did Amy make an appearance on when she was quite young?
a. Mister Roger's Neighborhood
b. Sesame Street
c. Dora The Explorer
d. Romper Room

6. How does Jack show you where his nose is?
a. He picks it like every other kid does!
b. He breathes in and out through his nostrils really fast and crinkles his nose.
c. He just points at it.
d. He doesn't know where his nose is (if you choose this answer, you're getting an old-fashioned butt-kickin'!)

7. What is the name of the newspaper in Wauneta where Dave worked?
a. Breeze
b. Wind
c. Republican
d. Wonky

8. What sport did Amy coach when she was in junior high/high school?
a. Frisbee
b. Tae Kwon Do
c. Club Volleyball
d. Billiards

9. What are the names of the children Jack attends daycare with?
a. Jenner, Kenna, Britton, Barney, Tawny
b. Jennifer, Ashley, Brian, Kyle, Jasper
c. Colson, Makenna, Keyara, Deni, Brooklyn
d. Slater, Jessie, Zach, Kelly, Lisa

10. Where did the column name 'Dave Ja Vu' come from?
a. An epiphany of sorts.
b. Copied it from someone else.
c. Dave's brother's wife's mom's husband Hank (my Hank-in-law twice removed) thought of it.
d. A children's TV show.

11. How many first cousins does Amy have including both sides?
a. 24
b. 3
c. 49
d. 11

12. What is our favorite sport to watch as a family?
a. Husker volleyball

b. Archery
c. Magic competitions
d. Husker football

13. What is Amy's occupation?
a. Professional juggler
b. Sword swallower
c. Occupational therapist
d. Speech pathologist

14. During the summer, to which lake do we go to feed ducks?
a. Lake Wobegon
b. Suchs Lake
c. Ducks Lake
d. Marshmallow Falls

15. What are all of Jack's aunts' and uncles' names (brothers and sisters of Amy and Dave basically)?
a. Kimi, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Joey, Jessie
b. Heidi, Joe, Sarah, Missy, Jared, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle
c. Heidi, Joe, Sarah, Missy, Jared, Emily, Dan, Jake
d. Kelly, Zach, Lisa, AC, Jessie, Emily, Dan, Jake

16. What show does Amy like to watch (listen to for the most part) while she gets ready for work?
a. Good Morning America
b. Saved By The Bell reruns
c. Info-mercials about tacky jewelry
d. Mister Rogers Neighborhood

17. What do Amy and I call our moms now that we have Jack?
a. Granny Janny, Grammy Tami
b. Nana 1, Nana 2
c. Hey, YOU!
d. Salt & Pepa

18. What are Dave's parent's names?
a. Charles (he's in charge), Tami
b. Jerry, Cathy
c. Jerry, Tami
d. Terry, Tami

19. What are our grandparent's names (Amy and Dave only)?
a. Peter, Marsha, Greg, Jan, Bob, Cindy, Alice and Sam
b. Van, Elaine, Barley, Sandy, Cy, Bev, Tawny, Brent
c. Van, Elaine, Don, Mary Lou, Cy, Bev, George, Edna
d. Rico, Patrice, Juan, Shaniqua, Clive, Britney, Jamal, Allejandra

20. What is our dog's full name?
a. Prince Dexter Mortimer III
b. Reverend Dexter Honorable Mention
c. Dexter Phalanges Metatarsals
d. Professor Dexter Beansprout

Bonus Questions (Five points each):

What were the names of our beta fish from years ago? Choose two.
a. Nugget McSnuggles
b. Sparky McFartsticks
c. Fancy Fenangler
d. Spanky Bojangles

How did one of the fish die?

What lived under Amy's old trailer in Kearney when she was in college?

Which of these two people do we hope wins the Iowa caucus in January?
a. Barrack Obama
b. Hillary Clinton

Where will we be on January 12, 2008?
a. Branson, MO
b. Sesame Street Live in Lincoln
c. Probably home
d. A cruise


Blecha Family 4 said...

Holy crap - I know your fish names... I KNOW YOUR FISH NAMES!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud.

Peyton's Place said...

Ok, so I'm e-mailing you my answers! This was fun! I'm banking on like a 75%. Do you think I can do it?!

Dave said...


You aced it...'you gave it 110%' didn't you? Get it...hint...hint...110%

Peyton's Place said...

Did I really?! Seriously? Nu-uh... get outta' town...