Sunday, December 2

Dave Ja Vu: Anew

Thanks For This Thankfulness
Part One

Editor's note: I really enjoy this time of year and if I hadn't been so swamped last week, I'd already have this done. It is time for a new annual tradition from yours truly, and I'm not even remotely sorry it's a week late. After all, I think smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season is a great time to give thanks. So without further ado, here is the first installment on my list of Dave's Top Ten Things I'm Thankful To God For This Year. And they'll come at you in random order, two a day, for the next five days.

Paternity and Matrimony. Sure, the rat race you get yourself into when you have kids and both parents work full-time jobs can be completely and utterly exhausting. And granted, diarrhea-filled sleepers are anything but cute. But nothing makes me happier than spending time with my child and my wife in our humble home. And I am thankful for the innate ability to view my family not as a burden to be endured, but instead as a gift to be appreciated and enjoyed. Not everyone can boast that. And I am extremely thankful to Amy this year for being an incredible woman who supports me no matter how annoying I can be and despite all my flaws. You really are amazing, Mrs. V.
Cell Phone Technology (Good and Bad). Many folks view our sometimes-faulty cell phone technology as a double-edged sword, but if you use it correctly it can almost always be an advantage to you. I'm happy that I can receive an important call from anyone when I'm anywhere--even on the toilet in Burger King. Methinks that's amaza-zing. But my favorite aspect of cellular technology lies in the fact that it is still flawed and kinda imperfect. "I'll be darned! I didn't even realize you'd called, (insert name of someone I never want to talk to)! I'm still trying to figure out this cell phone I've had for nine months. Curses! But I'm looking through my missed calls (cue pushing random buttons on the phone to simulate searching for a missed call) and I don't even see that your call registered. $@#*&+? Alltel anyway."