Thursday, December 6

Dave Ja Vu: Anew

Thanks For This Thankfulness
Final Installment

You. We love you. We really really do. And we're glad you're a part of our lives. Whether you're miles away or right down the street, we appreciate the support and love you've given us this past year and look forward to years with more of the same friendship and fun. This may sound like a cop-out like last year's Time Person of the Year, but rest assured--we really do appreciate you and want the best for everyone in the next year.

A Million Other Random Things. You really didn't expect me to list only ten, did you? Here's a list of others I'm VERY thankful for also:
  • Overall health. Yeah, so we had the urps recently. No big whoop.

  • Laurie and her family. Without a great daycare like the one we've got, we would be a complete mess. Jack has learned so much there and they've really taken us in as an addition to their family.

  • Moderate athletic ability.

  • Our annual Christmas trip to Des Moines. It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

  • My new floors and the ability to do 'em myself and save a bundle!

  • Jack's crazy hair and funny smile.

  • Husker volleyball is stinkin' awesome.

  • The fact that Tom Osborne is out of politics and back into football. I get to count this blessing twice.

  • Ice storms that don't send power district employees out for months on end again.

  • Warmth (I took it for granted before last Thursday night's fever and chills)

  • The troops (yes, they were mentioned before, but can it really hurt to mention them again?)

  • Reese's Double Peanut Butter Holiday Christmas Trees. Totally 'nuff said.

  • Turkey chili during an ice storm that I didn't have to make.

  • My dog. This is one I'm working on anyway...

  • Faith, hope and love

  • 18 month olds at Christmas time

  • That everyone is done talking about Anna Nicole Smith so that the next overdosing celebutante can have all the attention.

  • General karma-driven comeuppances.

  • Recessed lighting

  • Grandmas and Grandpas (mine, Amy's and Jack's)

  • Holiday music

  • Being 30 and AWESOME
What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

im thankful for your blog. even tho ive said it a hundred times, you make me laugh everytime i read your posts!

Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

I agree 100% with Tara! No matter what mood I'm in... it can always put a smile on my face! Love it!

The Blecha Family said...

No - I love YOU more...

The Maris' said...

I am agreeing with the others, I love your blog. It always make me crack up. I am thankful for so many things this year, but mostly for LIFE!!! It is awesome, and everything else is just an added bonus.