Monday, December 31

The Second Final Installment Of Christmas In Des Moines

We had just woken up, so give me a break about the hair, k?
Jack's go-cart.
It was time for a nap so he was very serious while on Grandma's lap for this picture, but I got him smiling. I believe the trick was putting something on my head then sneezing it off. Cute pic.

Thanks, Susan, for sending these on. I'd have put them with the others, but Amy is anti-anything-to-do-with-school right now, so she hadn't checked her email until last night!


Staab Boys said...

Wish we had a great photographer here too! Our pics are seriously lacking...I already regret it, but what you gonna do? Sick as dogs here...quelle surprise? Sean has a fever and Ryan...sinus infection...again. Just got off the phone with Goble's office...antibiotic will be ready upon our return. The descent is seriously going to suck.
Anyway, Happy New Year and we'll see you soon.
Tony, Melissa and the sickos!

Bley's Blog said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! That is cool about the Singing Christmas Tree...I remember your friend. She is a great singer! We have gone twice, and it is just awesome! Happy New Year.

Blecha Family 4 said...

So I'm totally stealing your line - Best. Pic. Ev.
I love that top one. I don't care how good prof pics are - I'll take a candid snapshot anyday.