Sunday, December 30

Christmas In Des Moines, Final Installment

Granny Janny got Jack an Alpaca teddy bear from Karen Beveridge in Hamlet because he loved her rug so much! He loves his soft bear. (Seriously, Karen and I worked together so this is not a shameless plug for her at all, but have you ever felt alpaca fur? It is the softest thing in the world.)
"You have a puzzle piece on your HEAD!" Exact words.
Dad and Jack played with Play-Do while Mommy and Uncle Jake went to a movie.
And the obligatory attempt to eat it. The kid won't eat mashed potatoes because they give him heebs, but he didn't mind the taste of The Dough.
Here, Susan, you color with me.
Thank you, Aunt Susan, for the wonderful photography of our time there!