Sunday, December 30

Christmas Card Honorable Mentions

"Which one of you other elves left this toy laying the floor of the toy shop? You know that's what got us our last pistol whippin'! What part of the Toy Shop Cleanliness Doctrine do you idgit midgets not understand?" Itchy hats are all Santa has for his helpers. Who can make a bajillion toys under those kind of conditions?
" These three gifts are ready for delivery, Santa!"
We used this one on the card.
We loved this one, but for some reason, it did not look very good on the card.
Elfin ponderance.
He was actually enjoying this. A lot. But serial: Who doesn't love being adorable? I know I love being adorable.
We used this one but cropped out the tag. His face in this one reminds me of photos of Amy as a kid.
Cute pic...too many cords. Plus he looks overworked and underpaid. Like a common sweatshop elf who only gets leftover molasses cookies and skim milk.
Great face, but the tag on the airplane kinda makes it less 'North Pole' and more 'Taiwan'.
Again with the cords. How did I not notice that?
Obviously we're okay with elves and cords. We trained him not to go near the tree, so we were safe. (And of course, we always have an eye on him. Always. And I hope he remembers that well into his formative years.)


The Hoskovec's said...

I love it! Jack is SO CUTE! What a cool idea. I have big plans in dressing up my kids for our Christmas card next year!