Sunday, January 4

Our Fave Fotos 2008 Edition: Numbers 70-61

70. Lookin' groovy in his shades and Husker jacket.
69. I always laugh at Jack when he drinks out of big-mouthed bottles like this one.
68. Taylor's face in this photo pretty much earned the photo a spot on the list. He's hilarious.
67. Sleepy boy. I was feeling the same way, but I generally don't nap.
66. Telling Grandmas Tami and Mary Lou 'thanks' for his birthday presents. He is a gracious little boy no doubt.
65. Lickin' the frosting off the lid. We went through a bit of a chocolate frosted donut phase.
64. Mr. Jack Cool. He loves to wear other people's shades fo' sho.
63. Chowing on his birthday cupcake.
62. Here for da party.
61. Matthew and Uncle Dave hanging out at Tori's game. He's my buddy.